Day 29

Today is the first day of Major League Baseball season and although I don’t follow baseball as I once did, the first day of softball season always made me happy! Even if that meant I was going to be sore as hell from the training it didn’t matter! I loved the game that much – I had forgotten for a while how much I loved the game. I had let someone take that love away from me! Thankfully I have regained what was lost! Someday I hope to see another Mets opening day! Today’s picture reminds me of this love!



Day 28

So there are probably about 15 different people who get the recipe of the week emails that I send out every Sunday morning. To be perfectly honest only 3 of us do them, and a few others talk about doing them but never do. My friend Katie and her hubby Cliff always try to do them, and my friend Stef and her partner Nic do them too. When I am picking the recipes I typically think about what these 4 like and try to come up with something we will all like. For example Cliff really likes spicy stuff so I am always excited about recipes that he will like and Stef’s partner doesn’t like spicy or Mexican flavors so I really try to limit those types of recipes to every four or five since I swear I was Mexican in another life! LOL

Today’s picture however, is of 1 of Stef’s 3 boys helping her get the ROW ready. Now the boys hardly ever eat the recipe unless its something sweet or “typical” but she has them in the kitchen helping. Her oldest, Liam always asks what the recipe is for the week and then a bunch of other questions! I applaud her strength as Liam is 6, the twins are 3 and one of the twins has been recently diagnosed with a form of autism. She finds the time to raise the boys, work a full time job, and maintain somewhat of her sanity! Todays happy days picture is of Shea the sous chef!


My Recipe of the week

Mahi Mahi Banh Mi with spicy curried mayo, pickled veggies and poached eggs


Stef’s Recipe of the Week

Steamed Citrus Mahi Mahi with Zucchini and Asparagus


Day 27

Well I was feeling much better today – I was hoping to have a happy day picture of a new restaurant that the boys and I went to. However, we got all the way there in the pouring rain only to find out that they are closed on Saturdays! UGGGGG so needless to say we went to the standby Max and Ermas. It was good but it wasn’t Phatt Taco! I have been craving tacos so I may have to find some tomorrow! Anyhow, I was back in the kitchen today and here was my recipe of the week.


Day 26

How can you not be happy when your day starts out like this? Tomorrow is supposed to rain so I think I will give you a run down of the past few weeks!! TGIF


Day 25

Today was yet another long day full of meetings. But I was so proud of our football Counselors – they rocked out the meeting today and should be super proud of themselves. I finally made it to my office and found a get well card in my mailbox from my moms good buddy Joni! This made my day!!! Thank you Joni!!