Weekend is almost here

Not a ton going on here today so this will be short! What I do have to talk about is the fact that my mom is coming down on April 6th to join my staffers in doing the Glo Run 5k! I can not explain to you just how happy this makes me! I am seriously so proud of the effort that she is putting in lately – it almost makes me feel guilty for not working as hard!

She signed up today for the race, once she did that my sister and her hubby did as well – we are all going to be together for mom’s first race! Dana, Bill, Cat and Anna have also signed up I believe! Here is the link to the race http://www.theglorun.com/theglorun_columbus.html and I couldn’t be more proud of my mom for deciding that she was going to do this. She has motivated me to get my ass a moving!

This week I have really focused in on my eating so that next week I can focus in on the workouts because I don’t have nearly as much going on! I am not going to lie I have had a Mexican chicken salad for every meal since Monday – this is so damn sad because I am not even mad at myself for doing it. I really love the flavors! haha!

Outside of the amazing news that mom, dad, Kel and Jpoo are coming in for this race – the day was fairly low key! We had our second Wellness Walk and last week there were 3 of us, today there were 7 so we doubled our numbers. As the weather gets nicer I am hoping that we end up getting more people to join us!

I have to get up early tomorrow because I have not yet gone to get the prizes for my weekly winners but the bonus is that there is a Starbucks in the grocery store so I will snag a nice coffee while getting their treats!

ok well I need to do the dishes still because I left them to complete the Fun Friday Cookie! Thank god the weekend is here – I need some time out of the office!


Fun Friday Cookie – Chocolate Raspberry Swirl


Yep these are delish!!!!!

Hectic Day

Today was yet another day filled with meetings – nothing too special, but I did get the chance to interview for our summer intern. This is going to be something else that I am in charge of doing – creating an intern position for a current student-athlete who may potentially want to get into our profession.

We had 4 different interviews today and 3 of the 4 were outstanding. These kids have so many different things going for them and its very interesting for me to see just how motivated some of them are. I don’t often have the chance to work with many of the overly motivated kids so this was very eye opening!

Some are very polished and others well…they need a little schooling on how to conduct themselves in an interview setting – good thing I was a state champion in DECA’s (Distributive Education Clubs of America) job interview category! hahaha – but seriously I really was!

Anyhow when those were completed I had more meetings and then on to the last one of the day! That one seemed to last FOREVER today – not sure if it was because I wasn’t impressed with the way the meeting was going or the fact that I had to pee from the 2 coffees I had consumed but either way I wanted out of there!

I quickly came home and got ready for the Petco Clinic then headed over there. We didn’t see too many people tonight but there were a few cute puppies. Their owners not so cute – but at least they were trying to take care of their animals! After clinic we went to dinner – thankfully Billy stuck to his guns and we didn’t have to go to Bob Evans instead we did Mexican. Which as you all know is my favorite!

I have had mexican every day this week for lunch as I am using this weeks recipe of the week (taco chicken) as a salad! Well I did partake in some chips and salsa but I had another mexican chicken salad. It was pretty good but I still think my salad rocks!

While we were at dinner the boys asked me if I would like to become a member of their birthday club. This is where they get together with all of their q-tip friends to celebrate everyone’s birthday. I told them that I love being included but I didn’t want to intrude in on their group as they have all been friends for well over 10 years. They told me that if the q-tips didn’t want me as part of their group that they would have never invited me.

This I believe because these are some of the most opinionated old ladies I have ever met! I feel very blessed for them to be including me in with these activities as I learn something new every time that I am around them!

I don’t know how I end up so lucky but today I realized that there are so many things to be thankful for. Ok well I need to do some dishes and pack up my lunch for tomorrow – guess what I am having???? You got it MEXICAN CHICKEN SALAD! woop woop! OH GOOD GOD ONE OF THE DOGS JUST FARTED – I THINK I MIGHT THROW UP!!!!!

Seriously what the hell is wrong with these dogs??? ha ok I must get up and leave the room – I’m so grossed out right now! Have a great Thursday everyone!

Poop and Go

Well this morning wasn’t much better than yesterday as I was up early unable to sleep because I was stressing out about presenting the Wellness Challenge to all of the directors. So I laid awake and then decided to watch a little tv before actually getting out of bed.

I then came down stairs took the dogs out and gave them their food and got in the shower. While in the shower I suddenly got smacked in the face with a nasty smell….what was it might you ask?? Well it was a large pile of shit in the middle of the bathroom and no dog laying there to claim it. Getting out of the shower gagging to clean it up, I then sprayed about as much room fresher to kill any smell and nakedly tried to find the guilty party.

Now you must keep in mind I NEVER walk around my house naked and now for two mornings in a row I find myself chasing dogs around the house. Its a wonder that I did’t give myself black and blue eyes as I was trying to catch the little shits. Needless to say their morning ended abruptly as they were both thrown in their crates while I continued to get ready.

Not a great way to start the day mainly because all I could smell the rest of the morning was dog shit, oh and did I happen to mention that it was/is pouring here. Yep the weather doesn’t know what the hell it wants to do so today we have cold and rain – apparently thats what it is going to do the rest of the week! I hate this time of year when it comes to weather – either be cold or decent but stop flipping back and forth!

I made it in and grabbed my things for the presentation walked over in the rain as how can I be an advocate for wellness and take the damn bus – even though there was a stop right in front of the building I had to go to! I felt like Mary Poppins on the walk over as the umbrella that Chad let me borrow was the size of Mexico and the wind almost took it and me up in the air! When I arrived, the other 2 presenting didn’t send me the memo that we were supposed to wear “athletic gear” on our bottom halves to represent the balance between work and life! But I was ok with this as looking foolish albeit something I do regularly wasn’t how I wanted to present myself in this group.

When it was my turn to speak I think that I was supposed to talk for like 3 minutes and I’m pretty sure that I may have talked for about 10! ooopps but I was on a roll and had the group actively engaged and listening and maybe laughing a little. I am pretty sure that David was happy because we made him look great as we had a program already up and running and the provost really wanted wellness pushed!

What was great was that I told the story about making the cd’s for my group with their favorite workout songs – and when we were walking out of the room the provost was telling everyone his favorite workout song and then he asked them to share what theirs was! I left on a pretty great high!

Once we got back I had another interesting conversation with the guy I told you a little about last night who said that he thanked me for my leadership. Today he asked me if I would be willing to informally or formally mentor him, that he really wants to learn from me. I have to be perfectly honest I was rather shocked, I mean I of course said yes but I don’t know what it will all entail – I guess I will learn on the fly right!

I made sure to share with my team just how important their dedication to the wellness challenge was as without their participation SASSO would not have looked as good as we did today. That the provost and the other unit directors will be using what we have done in order to push their own wellness initiatives! Today’s check in question was what motivates you – and my answer to them was that they do! They motivate me to try and be creative and find ways to make them feel appreciated and to meet our wellness goals!

At the end of the day I finally wrapped thing up and came home and made some dinner. I have to say that my spice rubbed cod was delicious! What was not great was that once I pulled it out from the broiler and put it in my 8 inch sauté pan to sear it, I put the pyrex dish in the sink that I had used and the freakin thing popped and shattered! I had heard of this happening before if they were cold but never when they are hot! well…..be careful because I am now 1 8×8 pyrex less. Which totally makes me mad because I like that pan – a lot! Good thing I have 2 right!

Well I need to clean the dinner mess up and pack lunch for tomorrow! I hope that you have all had a good day too – we are one day closer to the weekend!

out of the kitchen tonight


spice rubbed cod, broccoli and polenta! delish!!!


Well needless to say it was a rather rough start to this Monday morning! I am not quite sure what the hell is wrong with the puppy lately but she seems to think that it is her job to come over to the side of the bed a good hour before my alarm clock is set to go off. It was pseudo cute this weekend when I could take a nap in the middle of the day – it was not so cute this morning when at 5:20 I wanted to PUNCH HER IN THE HEAD!

She annoyed the piss out of Halie and I for the next hour and then we finally got up. I came downstairs let them out and fed them, went back upstairs and got in the shower. Now typically Huntlie sits outside the shower so when she wasn’t there I knew that something wasn’t going to make me happy.

When she wasn’t upstairs I in all my naked glory came down stairs to find that she had thought it would be a good idea to knock over my water bottle – this was all over the end table, floor and my shoe. I then proceeded to yell at her and so began the chase around the house to get her little sassy ass in the crate. Well you see one of the first things that I do in the morning is open the blinds in the front room – so as I was chasing the little fucker around I gave anyone that happened to be walking out front quite the show!

UGGGGG really Hunt this was what you thought would be a great start to the week! Needless to say she wasn’t winning cute puppy points today! I finally got dressed and out the door to make it to my 8:30 meeting. This meeting is for the WIIT committee that I am sitting on which is the Wellness Innovators Team (I have no idea what the hell the other I stands for) well this committee is for the entire Undergraduate Education part of the campus.

So while I was at this meeting I was asked to go to the directors meeting tomorrow morning and present the wellness challenge that I have been doing with my group! Although I am kind of excited to be doing it, at times I wish that I would just not say things! I guess this is a good thing though so that no one else can take credit for the work that I have done to create this.

After that meeting the day was filled with other ones but for the most part they were not too bad until my leadership meeting. Its not even that the meeting was bad it was just that I had studytable tonight so I was hoping to get out of there a little early so that I could at least leave the pups out for an hour. Not the case as I didn’t even leave until 5, came home changed my clothes, grabbed dinner and headed back to the office!

The time went by fairly quickly and was capped off on a positive note as one of the younger staffers told me that he wanted to thank me for my leadership. I found this pretty interesting as he doesn’t report to me so he doesn’t owe me shit nor does he have to impress me about anything. Sometimes my skeptic side makes me wonder if people say things in hopes that it will get them further but I think I have a fairly good filter for bullshit seeing that I am the queen of it!

I got home a little while ago, let Mutt and Jeff out, had a little sugar free fat free vanilla pudding and now I am going to unpack and repack the lunch bag! Not sure what the weather is supposed to be like in the morning but my goal is to get some type of cardio done before I head into work, then take the pups for a walk when I get home!

Ok well I need to get that shit done so that I can make it upstairs by 10:30! I hope that you had a decent Monday!

Dear Weekend SLOW DOWN

This was a fairly decent weekend – Friday morning was a cluster of a mess to say the least. Apparently at some point around 4 am we were hit with freezing rain and it was a pain in the ass. I knew that we were supposed to get hit, so I was prepared for this however, what I was not prepared for was just how bad the roads really were.

I slid into the curb 4 times in my neighborhood and then finally got on the main streets and those were better. It took me about 20 minutes to go 6 miles, and thankfully because most schools were on a delay there weren’t as many cars on the road. I saw 4 people fall and fall hard on the ice, which wasn’t even funny because it actually makes me mad that the university can’t do a better job to protect those walking.

The morning went by fairly quickly as we had interviews for the summer intern position. These are always funny to me as listening to what kids these days think about cracks me up! I have to say though that the kids we met with have quite the resumes already and will eventually be great candidates for the work world.

The day finally came to an end and I came home hung out with the girls for a little while and then headed over to the boys for pizza and a movie. I had been told to get the movie Detachment by one of my former teaching buddies. She warned me that it was not going to be a feel good movie and I can tell you that it was not. The movie was great – however it was no Mr. Hollands Opus. This movie to me is where we have gone wrong when it comes to the education system.

I can’t say much about the movie but I can say that if you have Netflix its one that you should put in your movies to get. I will say that this movie made me miss being in the classroom for the pure impact that you can make – but what I don’t miss is the politics and the lack in parenting that is going on and therefore forcing the teachers to do and be things that they shouldn’t be.

I did absolutely nothing yesterday except go out for Adams birthday. Adam is one of the bandies hubbies! He is a super nice guy and reminds me of a goofier Justin. We met for dinner and drinks and thankfully I was smart enough to leave around 10:30 because we could have gotten into trouble as you can see from the picture I posted earlier!

In class today we learned how to make raviolis from scratch! It was so much fun and I totally plan on trying to make them! Although I need the pasta rolling thingy that we used, the pasta dough that we made was super easy with the food processor that Kel and Justin got me for Christmas 2 years ago! I am going to keep my eyes peeled for the pasta thingy at Bed Bath and Beyond and once I do that LOOK OUT!!

After class I came home, got my chicken tacos in the crockpot, cut my veggies then cleaned the kitchen. I headed out to the boys game – in which I was nervous the entire time! We pulled the shit out but man oh man it was a nail bitter! I stopped and got Chinese food for my last crappy eating binge for a while. I am going to try to get back to my non carb eating self starting tomorrow! I haven’t been all that great when it comes to food lately!

Well the Oscars are on and even though I am not really watching them I want to see a little bit of it before heading off to bed! Not too too busy of a week, study table tomorrow night and the vaccination clinic on Wednesday. Time to start another week!

Birthday Dinner


We went out on Saturday night for Adams birthday – the server brought 2 drinks to the table by accident – no problem, I’ll take the hit!!

Who needs sleep


Why is it that I get 1 damn day a week to sleep in and this is what’s in my face bright and early?

Last Weekly Winner


Most Improved Water Drinker! Congrats Jen