Whoop Whoop its almost Friday

Well this is going to be a shorter post and I am going to give you a little info on what I really will write about in a later post! So we are now entering the weekend, jeepy is finally fixed and I will be picking her up tomorrow for the grand total of $1,150! Good times good times! There is nothing that I can do about it so as the saying goes “there is no use crying over spilt milk”.

I am not quite sure how I will ever say thank you to my friend Cat and her hubby Derrick as they lent me their spare car for the week. To say that that took some stress off of me would be well….an understatement to say the least. I have so many meetings now that do not happen in my office that without a car I would have been lost. I am not quite sure how I will repay them but I am sure that some food or puppy sitting or something will be in the near future!

Ok so since I am exhausted and honestly ready to head to bed I am going to give you a few bullet points that I don’t want to forget to tell you about and then we will go from there. It has been another really good week – I can’t believe that I have been doing this now for 3 weeks. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was getting ready to take shit over and now it has come and we are ready to start football season tomorrow!

Here are some talking points for later this weekend!
* First Full Directors Meeting
* Charlie – not the dog my new mechanic
* Budget Discussions
* First individual meeting with Miechelle
* First Football Staff meeting
* First conference call with David
* The Buckeyes Wellness Amazing Race
* My poor poor toes
* Shannon’s Visit
* First Football game (clearly this hasn’t happened yet but I am sure I will have something to say)

Well it is time for this old lady to go upstairs and make up the guest room – my friend Shannon from NY will be in tomorrow afternoon at some point so I need to get her room ready!

TGIFF (can you guess what the first F stands for) lol


Damn those shiny new shoes! PAIN PAIN PAIN


Can I catch a break

Well I had just finally wrapped my head around how much the jeep was going to cost – when I got the phone call that it was going to be at least another 200$!

So the once “it could be worse” me is now wondering when the hell I’m going to catch a break. I mean I’m so not a wallow in self pity kinda person but seriously I try to do all the right things for people and now this shit.

Ugh needless to say its 8:30 and to be perfectly honest I’m going to head to bed. I’m hoping that I don’t get another call tomorrow that its even more money.

On the brighter side I pretty sure that Charlie has met his new forever mom Kaeri came and picked him u today and they seemed to like one another! I will keep my fingers crossed because if he comes back a third time he will stay here!

Night everyone tomorrow is hump day!