My Super Hero’s

My Super Hero's

Batman and Robin


Halloween Dinner

Halloween Dinner

Pumpkin French Toast Bake

Happy Halloween

Well today was an interesting day all the way around! we had the option to dress up and to my surprise quite a few coworkers did.  There were a few that shouldn’t have as their outfits were rather strange but they wanted to be part so I guess I can’t make too much fun of them.  I ended up dressing like my kids and to my surprise they actually got it!  The funny thing was that due to the cold weather 3/4 of them had beanies on so I wasn’t too far off.  

We officially made our rules for NEON – No Eat Out November, and there are 5 other girls in the office that are going to do it with me!  There are only about 5 stipulations but the basis of the plan is to create healthy eating habits and save money for the holidays.  Seeing that I have done it for the last 2 years I know it can be done but the other girls well…only time will tell!

i also decided today that I was going to be a bone marrow donor.  They had one of those things set up right in the building so I went down, gave them some info and 4 DNA swabs!  Once that was done I headed home to get ready for the kids!

As usual the white trashians didn’t  disappoint!  They were out in this cold ass rainy weather to get all the free candy possible!  The night started with some freak and her kids that were allowing her black pitbull to roam free with her.  It had clearly just given birth as it still had its milking thingys hanging a free!  She said oh don’t worry she’s friendly – I said I have two dogs sitting out here does she like other dogs – oh I don’t know – seriously you jackass, your dog is roaming free with all these kids out?  What is wrong with you?

Then we had the braless, toothless wonder that had breasts larger than my head and she was wearing a tank top – creepy!  Then we had the lady who said to her boo “I can’t go up them steps cuz my leg still hurts from where you beat me last night”. But the win goes to the 45 year old who was dressed in footie pjs and sucking on a baby pacifier.  Not an adult toy pacifier one that looked like she stole it from the baby!  Yep welcome to my hood!

we called it quits around 7:30 because it was super cold and rainy, came inside and got dinner ready!  I made the pumpkin French toast casserole.  I am putting the link to the recipe on the bottom of this and it comes highly recommended!  We watched snoopy and then called it a night!  I am super tired so its high time I head to bed!  Huntlie is still running around as if she had all the candy we were giving out!

still having issues with the posting of pics so I guess you will just have to scroll down!  I hope that you all had a great great pumpkin day!

Pumpkin French Toast Bake

My Halloween costume

My Halloween costume

So I decided to dress like my student athletes today – although I don’t have Beats by Dre!


Well….thankfully here in Columbus we didn’t get the complete nastyness of Sandy.  We did get a shit ton of rain which with the temperature drop and the 45 mile an hour winds turned to snow overnight.  I can legit say that this is the first time in my 7 falls that we have had snow this early in the year!

I didn’t get up early this morning because as you know we were going to the funeral in Cleveland so once i got downstairs Huntlie was a spaz!  I got the camera ready because I knew the little shit was going to react funny with the snow!  Well as usual she didn’t let me down, she flew out the door slipped on her tiny ass and tried to run right back in the house!  I was laughing so loud I’m pretty sure I may have woke the neighbors!

i finally got her back out the door to do her business but when she did come back in I snapped a good pic of her looking miserable!  For whatever reason, I can’t figure out how to post pics on the actual post so for now they may show up as additional posts!

Once I got back upstairs Anna had called to tell us to stay in Columbus because there wasn’t any power in Cleveland where they were.  I felt bad that wet couldn’t be there for her – but she knew we would have been if we could have.

i called an audible at the line and ended up going into work.  Once I arrived I got into a heated argument with the traffic and parking asshole that was policing the garage.  After looping around trying to find a space for 15 minutes, someone was finally coming out to her car but I had to throw the jeep in reverse to get it!  So I did well T&P didn’t care for that – he started yelling at me – so Bernadette made a timely appearance!  When I grabbed the crutches and said I shouldn’t have to try this hard to find parking when I pay what I pay a month he backed off a little.  I crutched it in and quickly made a call for getting a temporary disability parking pass.  That should be in my hands on Friday!

I have started to get around the office better – just using my wheely chair to scoot every where – the good thing is that my boss thinks its funny and just giggles when he sees me coming.  My right leg is going to be the size of a sycamore by the time this adventure is over though, as that’s how I am pushing myself around!

Tomorrow is Halloween and I am dressing up as an injured student athlete – really this is just so I can wear sweats to work!  Before the injury I was going to be a chef with all the garb but I couldn’t get back to the store to get everything!  The girls can’t wait to get in their Batman and Robin costumes and hand out candy! I have the Pumpkin French Toast casserole marinating in the fridge so that Heather, Dana and I can partake once the kids have called it a night.  The DVR is set so that we can start and stop It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – I am very excited for the night!

I have challenged myself for the last 2 years to what I call No Eat Out November, in which I set up stipulations and not allow myself to eat out the I entire month.  Well this has turned into a little office challenge.  Brittany has decided to call it NEON, and there are like 5 other people who are going to try and challenge themselves!  I am proud of the girls because they do not like to cook or plan so this is really gonna be tough for them.  We are setting up the rules at lunch tomorrow and having our last out to lunch day!

Ok well…I’m watching the Celtics game right now to see one of my babies playing in the big league!  I talked to him last week and sent him a good luck text today!  Great kid that I wish the best of luck to!  I’m gonna try to figure out the picture thing but….no guarantees!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

I don’t like snow mama


WTF is this white shit mama

Oh Sandy

So I didn’t sleep well last night because I was worried about what this storm might bring – not in the distruction kind of way but more so in the – how in the hell am I going to crutch it into work kind of way!  I had a meeting at 8 this morning that I didn’t want to be late for so not knowing where I would have to hoof it in from I left the house by 7:20!

At 8:20, the individual that I was supposed to meet me sent a text that her alarm didn’t go off!  Really?!? You are like 15 years older than me and you expect me to read that text and think its ok??  Seriously? Hot damn mess that shift doesn’t even fly with my kids!  Containing my inner Bernie, I drank my coffee and waited patiently for my next meeting!

i had to leave the building for a meeting so I lost my decent parking space and got a shit-tackular one on the last floor of the parking garage upon my return.  That was all sorts of fun in the rain, clomping down 5 flights of stairs!  By the time I got in the building I was huffin and puffin like the big bad wolf!  That was however after some ass looked me right in the eye and didn’t bother to even hold the door!  I looked at him and said “really are you kidding me” he then walked back and opened the door – needless to say I didn’t say thank you!

After a very long leadership meeting, my awesome co-worker went up to the 5th floor and brought the jeep down to me!  I made it home before the wind and rain hit!  I am hoping that the bad weather holds out for a few more weeks or I’m going to have to invest in some  yak tracks for my crutches.  If you don’t know what they are look those bitches up!  We had a co-worker who used to swear by them, and she too was a bit of a hot mess! I realized once I got home that Hunt is afraid of the wind – haha she was being blown all over the back yard and came sprinting inside!  Poor little thing, I was cracking up and she was soaked!

I have to go to a funeral tomorrow for my buddy Anna, her gramps passed away last Thursday.  Instead of sending flowers The Band and myself decided to make a meal.  I was responsible for the dessert, so I just took the apple brownies out of the oven.  We are heading out at 9 tomorrow morning, it’s about a 2 hour drive.

I’m not sure if the picture will post because I’m still having a few issues with the iPad but I finally turned the heat up and Huntlie is loving it!  She has been laying on the vent since I turned it on!  She really does have my grams spirit In her – she’s always cold!

Well, I need to get to bed as I’m beat – hoping that everyone in NY is safe and that Sandy isn’t as bad as they are making her out to be!

heat yeah


Huntlie loves that Mommy finally turned the heat up!

I Got This

So in the last few years, there have been a few phrases that I have learned not to like – they are kinda like that “we’ll see” that my mom used to say in which Kelly and I knew meant the inevitable “NO”!  These phrases are “Kim I got this” and “Kim I rocked that shit out” both of which 7 out of 10 times give me an outcome that I don’t want to see! 

Well after a week of being non weight bearing I’d like to think “I got this”!  I’m not going to lie it has been a week of ups and downs as I am not used to not being able to get up and go but it’s getting easier!  I had my pity party on Tuesday but have since figured out that this is just a little bump in the road!

Knowing that I wanted to try and keep things as normal as possible, I tried to figure out what I could do so that I could continue to cook as that is relaxing for me.  So I went on the freecycle website and requested a wheelchair!  Sure enough a really nice lady named Kathy emailed me that she had one!  Well as you can see she isn’t a beauty but….she will do! I mean after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder right!

I am now zipping around my downstairs like no other – Huntlie doesn’t quit’s get it yet, but I have only run over her tail once!  This chair has helped me continue Fun Cookie Friday, and just allowed for me to get things done that I didn’t think would be possible!

This week in the kitchen I created southwestern spaghetti squash, pumpkin spice cookies, fresh apple cake and my grams apple brownies with a twist!  I’m including the links for the recipes if you wanna try them, and if I can do it with a bum leg and a wheelchair you bet your asses should be able to!

Today was my typical Sunday Funday, I got up went to church where my friends there were offering all kinds of help, then out to my Starbucks where I took the fresh apple cake for my awesome baristas!  I figured out how to carry my coffee and crutch at the same time –  SCORE! Then I went over to my class at Williams Sonoma where we learned a few new appetizers for the fall (delish)! Once class was over my friend Roshida helped me get the wallflowers I wanted from Bath & Body (Fireside and White Candle Barn #2), then I headed over to Trader Joes and picked up a few things there!  One of the people that I met over there Aaron walked around the store with me and picked up the things I needed, and then carried it to the jeep!  He has always been so pleasant and was super helpful today!

I got home and started laundry, my boys went to SAM’s for me and got the candy for my trick-or-treaters (as you know I can’t let my little buddies down) I’m now getting ready for the week ahead.  it’s going to be a busy week – I have to go to a funeral in Cleveland on Tuesday, Halloween on Wednesday (yes the girls have costumes and are excited for all the WT to come visit them), Thursday night is baking night and on the weekend I will be baking for this months Random Acts of Kimmie Kindness!

If I keep myself busy I’m hoping time will fly by!  Here are the links to this weeks recipes!


I’m beat right now so the adventures that I have had the last two days will have to wait until tomorrow!  What I can share with you is that I will update you on a few new recipes I have done, and the new wheels I have acquired!  

As you can see I am not the only one who is tired tonight!  apparently Huntlie needed some snuggle time too!Image