I heart Craigslist

Well I can’t say just how much I love my backyard – seriously for the second night in a row I have been sitting out there for over 2 hours! However…I did make a pit stop before partaking in my lovely new backyard.

I wanted a hammock so I started looking at them online, I quickly realized that I didn’t want to spend over 100$ on one – sooooo……I jumped on craigslist and found one that was being advertised for $50, I emailed the person and said I will give you $25. They emailed me back and said they would take $30! SOLD!!!!

I got their address and said I would be there at 5:30 to check it out. Now I did tell my coworkers that I was going so that if I came up missing they knew my last location. haha! I stopped at home quickly changed my clothes and bounced over to the sellers house. When I arrived he had it sitting outside and it looked as good in person as it did in the photos!

He helped me load her in jeepy and we tied her on using the girls leashes! Since he did such a great job of attaching it I decided to just run to the grocery store at that time and get the few things that I needed.

I was in and out in no time, came home let the girls out in the yard and started getting things ready for dinner. Sticking with my Mexican theme tonight we did shrimp tacos and I made my own seasoning for them which consisted of chili powder, cumin, garlic and serrano chili powder. It was good but needed a little salt. I also made up a ranch type coleslaw to give it a little crunch factor.

They were good but not my best efforts! Not sure what Mexican loveliness I will make tomorrow but I am sure that it will be on the grill and I will be outside. I am going to the softball game tomorrow with my coworker so I don’t know what time I will be at home – but I am sure at some point my fat ass will be jumping in the hammock!

I couldn’t test it out today because the guy selling it actually power washed it before I got there so it was soaking wet. I wasn’t complaining though because I don’t have a hose yet so washing it would have been a little tough!

Ok well the girls are snoring and I am thinking about joining them! I hope that everyone had a great day!


we are outside at 8:45 yepppers!!!!! we love it out here!


Lovin my yard

Well I am not going to lie, I am still pretty tired after the weekend – I do not know how people who do this working with their hands do this shit day in and day out in the elements. I barely put 2 full days in and I am suffering!

The best thing this morning was that as soon as the alarm went off – we got up and I was able to put the girls right out in the backyard. It was amazing, they are getting used to it already and I know that as time goes on they will love it. Right now Hunt doesn’t quite understand what to do – she kinda stands in the middle of the yard and then comes back to sit on the steps. Hay on the other hand has been acting all special lately as she was licking the water off of the table that accumulated over night. Seriously I do not know what is wrong with that dog!

Work was interesting, the change that is happening in the office is going to be very stressful but at the same time I think that I will like it – at least that is what I have to keep telling myself. I do not know what everything is going to look like but I am guessing that I will have lots to talk about in the next 12 months!

Monday’s and Thursdays are my really late meeting days and I don’t usually get home until after 6. Well today was no different – tomorrow is pay day and I am down to my last 5 dollars. Sticking with my plan to make sure and eat Mexican every day this week, I had to stop at Kroger and get some black beans, corn tortillas and lettuce. I knew I wanted to make grilled fish tacos and truly enjoy my backyard.

When I got home I opened up the back door, ran downstairs and let the girls run directly outside! It was awesome – I hooked up the baby gate which for the time being is going to act like my screen door and then left them to play while I changed my clothes and got everything ready to head out to the grill.

I used swai for my fish tacos and then grilled up an additional piece of chicken for lunch tomorrow! My tacos were delish, sitting in my backyard was amazing. We sat out there until after 8 and honestly the reason we came in was because it was getting a little chilly and my fat ass was making the chair sink into the soft ground.

It is supposed to be wonderful all week long so we will be grilling all week long! I think that I am going to find a few fun recipes to do on the grill so that I can sit outside and enjoy my new paradise. I was looking at a few different websites today for bigger tables, a firepit, some additional shrubbery and whatnot! I am thinking that instead of buying things at Williams Sonoma I will need to start hoarding my giftcards for Lowes, Home Depot and any other place that can add to my paradise!

I also started looking on craigslist for hammocks and lawnmowers, maybe I will find another treasure!

Ok well I am beat and the alarm just went off to give the master of disaster her seizure meds! Do you know that she hasn’t had a seizure since we got the other trainwreck!!! Not sure if its the puppy or the meds but either way it makes me a happy camper!

I hope that you all had a great Monday!