Fun Friday Cookie butterscotch coconut


Fun Friday cookie how the Grinch Crinkled Christmas

Fun Friday cookie how the Grinch Crinkled Christmas

Head Cold

So the boys ended up losing last night and I was rather angry about it. We had a pretty good lead going but just couldn’t hold on to it! It was frustrating but better to lose early in the season than late!

The game didn’t get over until almost midnight so I hadn’t really planned in rushing into the office. But….I got a damn text message at 6:30 from one of my coworkers saying that she screwed up the meal that she had made for all of us. So this now meant I had to pack a lunch, well seeing that I didn’t have shit ready I had to go to the store.

If you thought me on the rascal was funny before you should have seen me this morning. I am not really a morning person so when there was all kinds if shit in the way this morning I wasn’t overly happy. I smashed into at least 3 carts pushing them out of my way and then took out a display of chocolates. Yep pretty sure the workers at Kroger were not liking me this morning – oh well!

I also woke up with a sore throat so that didn’t make me any nicer! I really need to get some quality sleep – maybe sometime in January that will happen! Work was work today – nothing out of the ordinary a couple of funny kid quotes – like when one of my boys called one of his tutors a cougar because she told him he was looking handsome today! I laughed for quite some time about that one.

I got home and tried to relax for a minute but that lasted for just that a minute – you all know that Thursday nights = baking night so tonight I made two different cookies for Fun Cookie Friday! We have how the Grinch stole Crinkle cookies, and butterscotch coconut cookies. I was done with those by 9, then I made dinner!

I am now going to pick things up and head to bed! Hopefully no one will wake me from my slumber in the morning! TGIF

Cuddle Bug

Cuddle Bug

Someone knows how to win her mommies heart over! After looking at me pathetically she was allowed in the recliner with her mama!

Vaccination Clinic

So it’s halftime of my boys game and I am not sure what the second half is going to give us. The boys are doing better then I thought they were going to when our two key players went out with fouls! Going into half we are up by 8, Halie has tried to retreat upstairs as she doesn’t like it when I yell at the tv! Huntlie on the other hand made a flying leap into the recliner when I was clapping after a huge play! Haha the differences between these two twits amazes me!

On the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month I help my friend Dan (the girls vet) with the vaccination clinic he holds at Petco. So I hand out the paper work, Danny gives the shots and advice and Bill takes the money. We have quite the system worked out. Well….tonight seemed like it was a full moon because the freaks were out!

Some nights we see lots of people, other nights (like tonight) it’s dead! Just when you think there is going to be a lull in the evening in walks the coo-coo for coco puffs lady. I swear to god she was like 902 years old, clearly had been smoking since birth and her poor dog I think was trying to use sign language that said “help me” – oh and she had creepily small hands – like freakishly small.

She grabbed my hand at one point and I jumped thinking I was being attacked by a munchkin! She took up a good 30 minutes of Dans time and then after he gave the dog 2 shots and a heart worm test she was like what the hell did I just pay for? I looked at her like really bitch were you not paying attention because he clearly just told you what you needed. She was a hot damn mess – thankfully she finally left and the rest of the crazies weren’t nearly as bad!

After the clinic we always go out to eat – this is how the boys say thank you – I like hanging out with them so dinner is just a bonus. Well tonight we had Indian – I always get the same thing spinach chicken it’s delish! The only problem was the annoying chick that came in after us with her daughter.

First of all it was 8pm your 4 year old daughter should be in bed, not out on a date with you. Then the poor guy who was nice enough to go out with you got way more than he bargained for as the entire conversation revolved around religion. The child kept saying look I’m drawing Jesus – then they sat and recited all kinds of crazy shit. I was very proud of Bill though because he did a great job of not staring!

It actually kind of ruined our dinner because she was so loud we couldn’t help but to listen to her. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all about OPC (other people’s conversation) but this was just annoying! Once we were done we bolted!

Ok the game is back on time to go – keeping fingers crossed but it looks like Duke got an ass chewing at the half!! LETS GO BUCKS!!!!!!


Yes I would have to say I might be a little on the tired side – this morning when the alarm went off I hit snooze about as many times as it would allow me to! Needless to say I was a few minutes late for work.

The day was pretty average nothing too exciting however I did buy my first two Christmas presents of the year! I am very excited about these! As many of you know I love Christmas, not just because its always been special in our family but because I love trying to find gifts that people will truly like.

I don’t buy things just to buy them, there is always a thought behind what I do! This year I have been a little creative so I hope everyone enjoys them!

When the day was over I came home with the intention to take short nap. Seeing that I was gone for 12 hours yesterday the girls were not having it! They wrestled, barked, wrestled, begged, and wrestled for about 2 hours and thankfully have finally settled down. In fact Huntlie is on my lap snoring like its her job!

I figure that for being a bad mom I can allow her on the furniture for a few minutes. I guess she is sleepy too! I am watching a few things on the DVR, going to have a little pumpkin ice cream and call it a night. My goal is to be in the bed by 9:30!

Two big basketball games tomorrow night – the girls play North Carolina @ 7:30 and the boys play Duke @ 9:30! I was supposed to go on the trip but thought it would probably be in my best interest to let the leg and myself rest. Not what I really wanted to do but I guess sometimes I have to be an adult.

Almost hump day – thankfully!

I like our tree

I like our tree

I may like it enough to take a little taste

Study Table

Study Table

This is what happens when mommy works a 12 hour day!!!!!

All the Desserts

All the Desserts

Apple, Pumpkin, Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream Pies, Cut out Cookies, Apple Cheesecake Bars, Carrot Cheese Cake, Chocolate Torte, Scotcheroos, Cranberry and Pumpkin Mini Muffins

All the Sides

All the Sides

Green Bean Casserole, Celery/Onion Stuffing, Gravy, Nutty Cranberry Relish, Corn, Mashed Potatoes, Squash, Applesauce, Spicy Pumpkin Soup