2 Week Catch Up

Well I know that I promised to write a little more on Friday, but seeing that I wrote about my tumble and fall on Thursday I figured I could wait for the weekend to almost come to an end!

Right now I am sitting at Starbucks waiting for class to begin at WS and I am not 100% sure what today’s class is going to be about but I needed to come out. I didn’t leave the house at all yesterday to try and let my knee heal up a bit. But it is still pretty weak going up and down stairs and making and moves to the left or right. I guess its a good thing that I don’t have to run away from alligators as serpentining would be out of the question.

I am going to see the doctor at 1 today so hopefully we will just continue on this path of be careful and walk it out for the next week and by next weekend I will be fine!

So I only have about 15 minutes to get the updates in that I promised, here we go!

David was in for an entire week two weeks ago and since I have taken a little less of an “I’m in Charge” mind set things have been ok. It also seemed to help that I was gone for 2 of the days he was there and worked from the Fawcett for the other one. He will be back in March again but I believe that it is during our spring break so honestly the only things that I plan on coming in for are meetings with him and then taking the rest of the week off.

The trip home for the baby shower went very well…for me that is! Surprisingly my travel was not altered by the weather – however poor preggers had delays, snow emergencies and a ton or re-routing of her flights. What should have been easy breezy trips for her turned into very long and stressful travel days.

She looks wonderful, got a ton of shit for the little prince and overall had a great time. Everyone got her some beautiful gifts but I think that the one that really topped the charts was the blanket my cousin made for the baby. I have to steal the picture off of her facebook page but I will post that later. You see Kel used to carry around my grandmothers nightgown as her blanket. Steph used my grams silk nightgown and my grandfathers shirts to make this beautiful blanket for Baby B. Pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when she was describing things. A+ for Stephie on this one!

I didn’t get to spend time with my buddies in Syracuse, with all of the travel debacles it seemed to be in my best interest to just stay put. This made me a little upset as I didn’t get the chance to see my friend Jodie who is struggling right now with her cancer diagnosis. I told her that I would come visit her in the hospital if she wanted but she never got back to me so I assumed that she preferred to deal with this on her own. They are having a benefit for her at some point and I will post the link to donate on here once its up and ready!

As you can see I have been a little busy in the kitchen with the swordfish recipe, and making my first ever torta! I haven’t done much baking lately but I think that is because I haven’t had any flour! I will be making a major trip to Sam’s and Costco next weekend to restock my kitchen as I will finally be home for awhile and I don’t have much going on in the evenings!

I am happy that even though spring is still a few days away that we are on the up swing of the weather. It just makes me a lot happier!

Ok well its time to pack up for class, I need to get candles after before I head to doctor and then dinner with the q-tips tonight at 4:30 – so is that really dinner or just an extremely late lunch???

I hope you are all well!


Breakfast is Served


well well well

so I was going to write to tell you about the things that I posted about last night. However, today took an interesting turn so I figured I would tell this story first and then give ya the update I promised you.

So this morning started off in its normal fashion I got up and got ready for the football meeting. Before I left the Fawcett yesterday I asked the group if they would like me to stop at Kitties! Sure enough they wanted biscuits so I stopped grabbed my Starbucks and was greeted by my barista. He was excited to see me because I haven’t been in for a few weeks.

Then right at the crack of 8 I stopped into Kitties and the girls were there greeting me with a good morning Kim! They are always so nice! I grabbed the biscuits and headed into the office.

As I was walking in it started to rain but nothing too serious yet….I handed out the biscuits we ate and started to head out. It was now pouring so Dana and I were walking to the jeep and just as she said “be careful it looks icy” I fuckin bit it!

Seriously I fell right on my ass, my notebook went flying in the puddle, my left leg went out straight and my right leg made a right angle and looked horrible. Dana asked if I was ok and I said I wasn’t sure. The good thing is that she is such a good friend that I didn’t even have to lie. I wasn’t sure – something wasn’t quite right. I rallied and got my fat ass out of the puddle, got in the car and headed out to the meeting.

My ass was soaking wet, my leg was throbbing, and I sliced the crap out of my hand which was the picture posted. As we pulled into the parking lot I looked at Brett and saw that our papers for the meeting looked wet and thought he had dropped them in the rain.

Nope apparently he fell getting out of his truck and smashed his shoulder, wrist and leg on the ground. Half of the staff at the meeting had wet pants, at least mine were black and you couldn’t tell that my ass was soaking wet.

Dana went into the trainers and got me some advil and an alcohol prep pad to clean the cut out with. The meeting was about 45 minutes so I just kept trying to move my leg so it wouldn’t get super stiff.

When the meeting was over we all went to the trainers, and sure enough the trainer that I had to see was the one kid whom I could have done without because I know him. Well technically I don’t really know him but he graduated with Kelly and well……seeing that its winter I haven’t shaved my legs since last week.

So my white as milk legs were nice and hairy and then he went through a series of tests with things. He doesn’t really think that there is anything wrong per se but said we only need to give it about 48 hours and if I am still in pain or unable to do things that I need to come back and see them.

As long as I wasn’t being rushed to the ER I wasn’t giving a shit. I went back to the Fawcett and heard that the parking lot at Younkin was rather icy too, so I decided to stay and work at the Fawcett all day. When I sent the email stating that I was staying I found out that Ben also fell in the parking lot this morning. So 3 SASSO staffers bit it this morning. Not that I ever want anyone to be hurt but I was glad that I wasn’t the only one.

I am beginning to think that there is something wrong with my balance or ability to freaking walk.

I toughed out the day and then came home, got my knee brace from one of the other injuries and put that bitch on. Then started making the recipe of the week for Billy as we had planned to have dinner all week long because Danny is in Vegas for his vet clinic!

Dinner was great which I was nervous about because it was my first time making swordfish! We killed a bottle of wine (no wonder I am not feeling any pain) and chatted after dinner. Now I am writing this and going to head to bed shortly!

I hope that you all had a better walking day than I did!

Its been awhile

I know that it has been awhile since I wrote last – things have been rather hectic so I haven’t had much time to sit down and actually write. I am not going to bore you with a lot of extra shit today mainly because its 9:30 and honestly I am thinking about heading off to bed.

I will tell you though here are some things that I am going to chat about when I sit down and actually write. It will probably be Friday night – I know right a booming social life.

– David was in the office last week
– Trip home for the baby shower
– Return to work
– New recipes

Ok well I hope that you are all doing well and that you have enjoyed the pictures that I posted from last week! In case you were wondering the split screen baby photos are Kelly and Justin!