Dinner is ready!



Halloween Dinner Mexican Stuffed Peppers


Better Day Today

Today was much better than yesterday – I don’t have too much to say, I am tired and need to go to bed! I can tell you that I am excited to make my halloween dinner and see all of the white trashians tomorrow night! The only problem is that it is supposed to rain and have really bad wind. So I am going to keep my fingers crossed that doesn’t happen because I need some trash entertainment!

Tomorrow is yet another busy day, and it is the last day that I will be able to eat out until December. NEON starts Friday – for those of you that don’t know what NEON is it stands for No Eat Out November. I am stoping at Kitties in the morning for biscuits and jam and to tell the girls that I will be back in December! I will post what some of the rules are for NEON and how I plan on getting through it!

OK well I need to head to bed, last night I finally got some decent sleep so I am hoping that I will get the same thing tonight! Have a great one!