Day 60

I have had a long last few days but the biggest meeting I have had in awhile is done! I ran an errand after work and at that point realized that my wallet was still at home. UGGGGG not good but good because this way I couldn’t just grab something for dinner. I came home and made yet another new recipe! My recipe of the night was grilled asparagus with a spicy orange quinoa spring rolls! Not going to lie it was pretty good. I probably wouldn’t make them as a spring roll but I so would make it as a side!



Day 59

Its been a rough few weeks but with a little happy hour with some friends and this quote I think that its time to refocus!!!


Day 58

Well this is my recipe of the week it’s amazing! Grilled shrimp lettuce wraps with a mango salsa. I didn’t know if I would like it but um ya I loved it! Shit was tasty I can’t wait to make it again! Was a long day and will be a long week until about 5 on Wednesday pretty sure once Wednesday evening hits I might check the hell out!


Day 57

Well there certainly is a lot to be said about family. Most of the time I think that we can put the FUN in dysfunctional when it comes to extended family and the drama that goes along with it. There are days when I wish I was back in NY so that I don’t miss out on things or provide the much needed hug, and then there are days where I am glad I live so far away because I can’t stand the petty bullshit that goes on because people are so worried they are missing out on things.

What I can say and that even with all of the drama I am glad that there are pictures that are taken so that we can see how everything turns out. Stevie went to the junior prom last night and this was the picture Susan sent to me today. Gotta love that he loves OSU as much as I do!


Day 56

baby b is due in a week!!! i cant believe I’m going to be an aunt! so excited! doesn’t she look beautiful!!


Day 55

As if I haven’t been feeling old lately anyway I got a text this morning from Stevie telling me he was on a college visit to LeMoyne. Hard to believe he is looking at schools much less LeMoyne. Proud and sad all at the same!!!


Day 54

So my cookie penpal got her cookies and surprise! I’m thinking that she’s a happy kid! I also got my cookies today and they were a chocolate chip and a white chocolate macadamia nut! It’s nice to have someone else do something for me! They are a nice Treat!


Day 53

Well this was an amazing surprise my very own gold pants! This is a long standing tradition in which the football team gets this charm if they beat michigan! If you look at the knees my initials are on them! Proud to be a buckeye!!


Day 52

After a shittakular day nothing better than trying out another new recipe – this weeks row- spicy ranch blackbean burger! Great taste but it didn’t really stand up the way it should have not sure how I could have fixed that? More oats possible?



Day 51

I had to send out my cookies today to my new cookie buddy Riley! I ended up sending 4 different kinds which was close to 6 dozen. I also got her my favorite tool from WS! When I got home from work I was tagged in a post on FB which was a picture of my little buddy sending me my cookies! So excited to get them but more excited that she wanted to send some! I am not felling 100% these days – not sure if its from over doing it this weekend carrying all the river rock or if I am having another kidney stone attack. If the pain is still there later in the day on Wednesday I will look to get to the doctor.