Easter is Over

Well it was a pretty good Easter Sunday – I mean, I spent it with just the dogs but in all honesty it was just another day! I got up this morning and went to church just like a typical Sunday Funday – but seeing that there wasn’t class and that most places were closed I just picked up my Starbucks and then came home and made the breakfast that I posted earlier!

Before I ate my breakfast though I had some anxious puppies that really wanted their Easter Baskets! Pretty sure they were happy with the surprises that they found! Hunt is finally starting to understand that she has to wait for the pictures before she can partake in the festivities! haha! Gotta love the fact that I am training my dogs to get goofy ass pictures of them so that people think I am the crazy dog lady!

After I ate my huevos rancheros I cleaned up the dishes and then ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things that I still needed. Yes this was after I had already been to the grocery store the previous two days! I got everything that I needed and headed back home – now I really wanted some Reece’s pb eggs but knowing that they will be 50% off tomorrow I walked away calmly! Then as I was driving home realized that I had forgotten the damn lime! One of the things that I truly needed for dinner! SERIOUSLY WTF!!!

So at that point I determined that I didn’t want to charge a 47 cent lime to my card so I came home unloaded the groceries and got the girls ready for a walk. I decided that I was going to walk to the grocery store – hook the shitheads up outside and literally run in and snag a lime! We ended up walking about 4 miles.

It was a fairly nice walk until Hunt’s ass exploded – pretty sure that the carrots or all of the natural ingredients that were in the treats from the dog bakery were what caused the problem! Unfortunately I did not clean up the mess because well…without being too gross there was no way to pick it up! I am thinking that she is feeling a little better but to be sure I gave her a ton of rice for dinner so that it hopefully binds her up!

Upon returning from our walk I started getting everything ready for dinner – this included grilling some veggies! When I went outside to start the grill I could see that the kids had once again knocked part of the lead off – which pissed me off so I yelled at them. This fence can’t go up soon enough!

Dinner was great and I was rather impressed with my efforts – the salmon could have been a little spicer but besides that everything was delish! Ok well I still have to put laundry away so its time to head upstairs!

Hectic week this week – scholar athlete banquet tomorrow night, haircut on Tuesday, Athletic Council meeting on Wednesday, pick up race packets and church meeting on Thursday, family arrives on Friday and Glo Run 5k on Saturday! Yep next two weeks VERY VERY VERY busy! Happy Easter everyone I hope that you had a blessed day!


Easter Dinner


Sriracha Lime Salmon over grilled veggies!

On the Menu this Week


Using my new chalkboard wall as my menu!

Second Kitchen Creation Today


Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bites

My Easter Breakfast


huevous rancheros! Poached Eggs, black beans, salsa and corn tortillas! I had this 2 weeks ago at a restaurant and recreated it for myself!

Season is Over

Well I write this slightly irritated because the boys lost tonight. They played like shit and the score was way closer than it should have been. We only lost by 4 but we were down by 20 at one point. I hate to say that they deserved that one, but they clearly came out thinking that we had it in the bag and Wichita State came out with something to prove. The next few weeks will be very interesting in the office!

I don’t have much to update as it hasn’t been a super busy weekend – it has however been an expensive one because I had nothing in the house so all kinds of groceries were needed. I also needed gas and an oil change and…and…and…lol!

This morning I got up and decided that we were going to try and take a walk down to the Short North to the doggy bakery called Three Dog Bakery! It was about 3.4 miles one way – the girls were great and it was actually a really nice walk. I did have to retire my sneakers as yesterday after wearing them my feet hurt and then again today so instead of over thinking it I just threw the bitches away.

Once I got back home, had a little brunch (left over crab stuffed mushrooms) and sat on the front porch. When I was done eating I took the girls in and decided that it was time to go get my gnarly toes done. Not thinking through the fact that its the first nice weekend, the start of spring break and the day before Easter – I didn’t anticipate a long wait. They told me that it was going to be a long wait but to go sit in the chair!

Not a problem its a massage chair – well it didn’t take a ton of time and I was in and out in no time. I stopped and got a few more groceries – I had a coupon for free BACON! Came home and decided to cut up the fruits and veggies, then had a mexican chicken salad for dinner. I wish that would have made the game better but nope!

Ok well I should probably get to bed so the Easter Bunny can hide my eggs and basket! Have a great rest of the weekend!