Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Well it has been yet another eventful weekend and I have to be totally honest in saying that I can’t complain not even one bit! Friday was a wonderful day off, I got up and headed off to Starbucks where I sat with the girls for about 2 hours and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors. It was warm enough to sit outside but yet not too hot to actually enjoy the time.

Then after heading out I ran home, took a shower, ordered Chipotle online for Tracie, Adam and myself and headed back out the door! I was going to make the new parents something for lunch but opted to just see what they wanted and grabbed that! I got to hold little Mr. Owen who is about 2 weeks old and tiny tiny tiny as you can see from the picture that I posted of him on Friday. That is clearly a close up but what is not deceiving is the size of his feet! He is going to be a big boy like his daddy! I hung out with them for about 2 hours and then headed out as they had a doctors appointment. They looked absolutely exhausted so hopefully they will rely on those of us that are willing to help!

After my baby excursion I met my friend Dana for what was my final birthday celebration! yes one month later we are still celebrating my birthday! Mainly because she was on vacay during my birthday and then I left for the conference! We wanted to see Monsters University so that was what we did for my birthday! I loved Monsters Inc, so this was something that as soon as I saw it was coming out that I knew I wanted to see. Going to a children’s movie by yourself as an adult kinda makes me feel creepy so I was glad she wanted to see it too!

The movie was great and had a underlying theme of teamwork which was nice and hopefully as the year goes on I will buy it and be able to show it during staff meetings – at least this is my plan. I think that I can pull a few clips from the internet to get my points across!

After the movie we went over to Buckeye Hall of Fame for happy hour drinks and dinner! The food was decent but really what was important was the conversation that Dana and I had. You see dana started her journey as an intern for our department back when I first started (I actually think she was there the year before I got there) then she left and went to Mississippi State to be a full time counselor there as there wasn’t a position for her with us. As soon as a position opened with football 2 years ago she interviewed and accepted the offer.

I don’t think that it has always been an easy road for her as there was a learning curve that I don’t think anyone is prepared for when it comes to football – it is such a different beast and the politics around it are very hard to navigate. If you are not in the right place personally and professionally it can kill you. The growth that I have seen in her over the last year as a professional have made me very proud of her. She has taken a few situations that might deter someone or make them want to stop the fight and turned them into something to benefit her.

I don’t mean benefit as in monetarily as this job is not a profit making position, but she has made some strides to start being in control of her own identity as a professional. Not only is she doing a great job stepping up professionally but she is doing a few things to find that work life balance which is I believe helping all the way around! So props to Ms. D (as the kids call her)!

I also had another unique opportunity to offer the counselor position to one of the interview candidates from last week. The candidate has not accepted the position yet but delivering good news is always fun! All they kept saying was “WOW Kim WOW” I gave them until tomorrow to make their minds up so I am hoping they accept and then I can share a little more about this person.

I am not sure if I mentioned that my boss was in a bad car accident on Thursday – he called in saying that he was going to be out because he was in a fender bender. When we conference called him later in the day I jokingly said “was that you that was holding up traffic this morning” he said yes! I was shocked – apparently the car in front of him hydroplaned and he trying to swerve to miss them when he did that he autocorrected and ended up rolling his car into a ditch. He said that it was scary but thankfully only ended up with a bump on his head and some minor aches and pains.

So that was Friday – Saturday was rather low key! I didn’t do much all day long except mow the lawn and then get ready to go to the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus show with the G’s &Q’s! The show was Motown and it was awesome, we were clapping and dancing in our seats the entire time! I got home a little after 10 and was exhausted. I am not sleeping well these days and I think that its because I have so much to do (or I think that I have a lot to do) and to be perfectly honest I think that I am not sleeping well because I am not working out. I really need to get my shit together because I am starting to feel rather disappointed in myself. I need a little motivation!

Today has been busy busy busy. In fact I just sat down for the first time for an extended period of time! I did sit down to eat a little while ago and I did watch one show on the DVR but for the most part I have not had a day of rest. I got up this morning a little before 7 – went to the grocery store to get the things I needed there. Came home and showered, went to church, then out to Starbucks, then to class – where Shannon one of the managers told me that he wants me to apply and to possibly teach the classes. I actually pondered this for a little while and I am still up in the air as to what to do. Then I had lunch with my buddy Duane, I have not seen him in a long time so we caught up, after that I went to Trader Joes, then to SAMS club and then back home to unload the shit from the car.

Once I was done with that I made some salt potatoes for the office (Billy brought me back some from NY last weekend), then I made my boss some oreo Rice Krispie treats to make him feel a little better, then I made my dinner Рsome saut̩ed rainbow chard with black beans. Once I cleaned all of that up I made my Harissa paste that goes on my toast for the morning! Now I am finally sitting down.

Oh and I must mention the encounter that I had with the little bastards next door. I found out that somehow they were jumping over my 6 foot fence to get shit that they had thrown over into my yard. I went over to the grandmothers house and said that if I catch them in my yard or destroying my property I will call the cops on them and I will press charges. I am tired of those white trashians destroying other peoples shit. They have no respect for things – and that pisses me off. We will see what this gets us! I am no longer fun Ms Kim – I am now the bitch next door! If I catch them in my yard I am going to make them either pick up or eat a piece of dog shit – bet that might deter their nasty asses!

Anyhow this week is busy again so I am going to head off to bed here in a little while! Maybe watch a little tv and then call it a night! I hope that you all had a great weekend!


the creepy sisters trying to wake mom up