Not Feeling Spectacular

Well I still have a doozy of a cold, not sure if it is going to settle in my head or chest but either way I sound like James Earl Jones and look like the last time I slept was 1992. HOT MESS!!! I did get up early this morning and took the girls out for our 4 mile walk. Today started our Hit the Road with the Buckeyes Challenge. This year I am on a team with the athletic trainers so this is going to push me to do a little bit more!

This morning I decided that since we are starting a few new traditions for the holidays I would start another new one and signed mom and I up for The Turkey Trot. We will be walking a 2.5 mile course at 9am on Thanksgiving morning! I didn’t ask her if she wanted to – I just signed us up! We had had a few chats about actually having Thanksgiving as a dinner instead of a lunch and both mom and dad agreed so I thought lets DVR the MACYS day parade and go do something fun.

I sent mom a text telling her that she was all signed up and to my surprise she was very excited about our new tradition!! Now I am not sure if Big Bern will come down with us or I will leave him here to get breakfast started! I guess that only time will tell. I have a few other great ideas for what we can do to start our new traditions but we are only in the beginning of October so I will have to slowly introduce them or I will get too excited!

When the day was over I came home and made my favorite dinner – do you all remember what that is???? A big ole Mexican Chicken Salad! It was delish and I will be having it again tomorrow for lunch! Ok well its almost time for bed – I will be getting up again tomorrow morning and taking the girls for a walk because I am not letting my new team down!

I hope you all had a great Monday!


Yep just signed Pat and I up for this! Here is to new traditions


Well I will try to catch you up

So I know that I haven’t really written all week, that would be mainly because I have honestly been exhausted and not feeling 100%. Almost every night this week I was up in my bed no later than 9 pm. I would fall asleep hard but then wake up about an hour or so later thinking I had slept all night long. Needless to say it wasn’t a great week and I was pretty tired all week long. I didn’t take the girls out for a walk or do much of anything else. Food creations were at an all time low and I truthfully think I had finally hit the wall.

Lets recap the wonderful weekend that I had with mom and dad. They arrived about an hour after I had gotten out of work – we unloaded the car and relaxed for a little while. Then went to max and ermas for dinner, it was just enough and as always we had a great meal. Once we got home we debated making our salt potatoes and other snacks for the tailgate but opted to wait until the morning to do so. Well this ended up being a very smart idea – you see my mom and I work totally differently – I would prefer to have things done at night before I go to bed and she likes to get up early to do things. But this time her way worked best because our tailgate ended up getting cancelled because it did nothing but pour all morning long.

Since the tailgate was cancelled we didn’t have to rush in the morning so I took them to Kolache Republic which is a new bakery that has these amazing sausage egg and cheese thingys. I think that I have talked about them before so I will not over describe them again. Needless to say I am pretty sure that Pat and Bern love this new place too!

We finally headed down to campus for the game and the rain tapered off turned out to be a beautiful day! The game on the other hand – well….it was a blow out. We stayed until the first score of the third quarter and then we took off! Buckeyes ended up winning by 70 something. We headed to the grocery store with a plan, grabbed some snacks and picnic foods. We came home and set up just like the good old days when we would watch Notre Dame games as a family. We watched the game and relaxed for the rest of the night.

On Sunday morning we got up to go get biscuits and jam from Kitties their other favorite bakery, and well….I guess I didn’t do my research and they were closed. This did not set the morning off in the right direction, as on the way to Easton we almost got into an accident. I was driving and ended up getting totally cut off – I followed the car into the lot and tried to handle it with some class – well sometimes when you have Bern with ya he just has to add his two cents. That made for a slightly awkward encounter – lol!

We finally made it out to class, stopped at Trader Joes and then eventually came home and made one hell of a BBQ! We got to sit and relax in my backyard and totally enjoy everything. It was a great visit – they got up at seriously the ass crack of dawn Monday morning and headed out the door. I pulled the sheets off of everything and got that stuff taken care of before I left for work because I knew that I had study table and that it was going to be a long day.

The rest of the week was pretty typical, I have all of my meetings and a few new ones but all in all the week was kind of a fog because like I said I haven’t really been feeling great! Friday night I got home from work about 5:30 put on my pjs and was in bed around 8. Yesterday was a game day but it was a night game so my friend Cat wasn’t coming over until 5:30. I pretty much didn’t do a damn thing all day except laundry. The game was amazing, the weather was beautiful but it sure did make for a long day. I got home sometime around 12:30.

I went to bed around 1 something and didn’t get up until 9! This cold has finally started to really pick up some speed and I woke up feeling pretty craptastic. I laid on the couch for about a half hour and then determined that I wanted breakfast. So I made the frittata, with some blackbeans, eggs, and the left over salt potatoes! Yep not going to lie – it was delish!! Once I had that I was feeling a little better but my head was still pounding I took some dayquil and headed out for my sports filled afternoon!

I met some coworkers and we watched softball play at noon, then went to soccer at 1, then volleyball at 2. I think that softball is the only team that won! Once volleyball was over I left to go pick up some groceries, then made my one last food splurge and got some Chinese. Then I headed over to the boys house to take care of their cats as they left for Russia on Wednesday. Once I was done with that I came home ate dinner and then got things ready for the week.

Ok since I am feeling a little better right now I will hope we are on the mend! I hope that you have all had a great week – I will do my best to try and update nightly this week! Should be a little easier!