Family nap time

Family nap time

Snowing and cold so lets snuggle



Well it has only taken 3 days but I finally got the damn dead ass Christmas tree out of the house! It was not a cute adventure, nor would I call it successful. I thought that I had a great plan for getting it out of the house without taking out the tv, and with minimal needles falling on to the floor. Mom had a great idea to lay a sheet down on the ground and then to drag the bitch out of the house.

I decided that I would half use that idea, and wrap the sheet and the tree and try to carry it out. Well you see there were a few problems with that idea. 1 – my dumb ass didn’t unscrew all of the screws holding the tree into the tree stand, 2 – the tree stand still had about 8 cups of water in it, 3 – when you try to carry something tall through a doorway it may not fit, and last but not least 4 – when you try to launch the tree out the back door you should have remembered #2 the fuckin tree stand still had water in it which at that point coated the stairs and what didn’t get on the stairs was now creating the flowing river effect across the kitchen floor! MAJOR FAIL on tree removal!

Once I stopped the flowing water in the kitchen I went down to the basement got the vacuum so that I could try and get the pine needles off the floor. Well I started in the kitchen and then moved out into the living room. Clearly that wasn’t the smartest idea I have ever had either because you can always sweep the kitchen floor but not so much the carpeted living room. As I moved into the living room, my vacuum cleaner decided to die.

So after a short temper tantrum, I decided to pull out my tool belt – ya see I would much rather leave the tool belt chores for someone else, and keep my apron on. But I pulled a few pieces off emptied out some needles and said a little prayer that she turned back on. Sure enough she did and we were back in business.

Once I finished that part up I had to let the giant water spot that was in the middle of the floor dry out before I could put the dog bed back in its proper spot. Huntlie was extremely excited that her bed was back as her tiny little ass hasn’t moved from it all afternoon.

For me tomorrow starts the New Year mainly because its a Monday and well the beginning of the week and if I don’t start everything tomorrow I will make more excuses to wait just one more week. I am going to meet a buddy for coffee at 9 and then will go do my grocery shopping to get all set up and ready for the week! I a, excited to get back to an even more rainman like routine consisting of working out and eating healthy.

I’m going to do another recipe club this year with some buddies and just pick one new recipe a week for everyone to try. Some weeks it could be a side, an appetizer, a dessert, or an entree. Not 100% sure where they will all come from – but I plan on making a new one a week!

Ok well I need to clean up the dinner dishes so that I can go take a shower and head to bed! I’m so excited that I do not have to go to work until Wednesday!



An entire backyard of snow cones – just don’t eat the yellow ones – it’s not lemon flavored!

She’s a Brat

She's a Brat

Not sure if you can see the little shit – but apparently the baby thinks that laying on mommy is appropriate! SPOILED!!

Home Safe

I have arrived back to Columbus safe and sound. The trip was decent – we hit a bit of a set back about 130 miles outside of columbus, not sure if it was a bad accident or just the blown tire that I saw but we stood still for about 25 minutes.

The girls were good for the majority of the trip, Hunt did get a little special with about an hour left but finally settled down. We pulled into 202 a little after 4, and I was greeted by my little buddy Aiden who said “welcome home miss Kim can I help you unload your car?” Graciously accepting the help we had the jeep unloaded in no time.

The girls seemed to be happy to be back home as they tore up all of their toys and were wrestling around as I tried to unpack things and start taking down the Christmas decor.

I am fighting off a horrible cold right now and don’t want to spend the last few days of my vacation sick. I have gotten all of the Christmas stuff put away except for getting the real tree out of the house. I am not 100% sure how I am going to get it out of the house, but I do know that I don’t have the energy to get it out of the house tonight.

Thanks to mom I had dinner tonight as she packed me up some leftovers and I just ate them. I am going to put the dogs to bed, go take a bath and call it a night. I have to go to a funeral tomorrow at noon and then out to dinner for my buddy Anna’s birthday. My goal tomorrow will be to have everything put away in its proper spots so that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I can just relax!

Time to call it a night!

A Very Merry Christmas

Well my Christmas Holiday travels have all but come to an end. I will be leaving tomorrow morning to head back to columbus and once there I totally plan to be stationary for quite some time. I figured I would bring you up to speed with just how excellent my holiday has been.

I can honestly say that this holiday was a bit of a struggle for me this year. I think that I had just reached the point of exhaustion with everything and knowing that I was going to have to be strong for yet another holiday was weighing on me fairly heavily. My heart breaks for my mom as I know that she is feeling this in a completely different way and refuses to let anyone know just how much my grandmothers death has affected her.

I have realized quite a bit about my parents in the last few months – I realized that while I was growing up they never let their struggles ever weigh on us. To us when dad was laid off that just meant there wasn’t work – it didn’t mean that he wasn’t getting paid or that we couldn’t do the things that we were supposed to do. We were allowed to be kids and not have to bare those burdens.

I realized that my father is one of the kindest people I know even though he would never want anyone else to know this. The thought, time and energy he put into my mothers Christmas presents and the care that he takes of my grandfather (whom might I mention isn’t his father) is remarkable. He may get snippy and sassy but I truly believe its because he hates seeing my mom in pain and because he can’t make gram come back there really isn’t anything he can do to make things better.

I realized that the traditions we have had since I was little are ones that make the holiday what it is – that even though we had to FaceTime Kelly and Justin in California to read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas we were all together giggling and reading the story together!

In addition to realizing these things about my parents I also was reminded just how special some people in our lives are. I don’t think that I will ever be able to thank the Krimow Family for having us over on Christmas Eve. They took the sadness out of gram and Kelly/Justin not being with us on this holiday.

We went over to a wonderful spread of food, unbelievable hospitality – as my two delinks were allowed to come over and raise hell in a house that wasn’t theirs, and just felt the love for our family. To not have to sit and look at one another thinking about how things have been or what they would be like if others were present was well an excellent Christmas present.

Christmas morning Hunt thought that she would give mom a little panic attack as they hooked her up on the bench in the living room. Well they left her unattended and she helped herself to some Hersey kisses with almonds foil and all! I heard “help help help” as I was sitting in my room waiting to be told I could come downstairs that Santa arrived! I came running down the stairs and said its ok no worries she will prolly poop it out later!

The present opening began and I’m pretty sure everyone was happy with their gifts! I got the small non stick All Clad pan I wanted and the new mixer blade for Mama Mix A-lot! I also got many other wonderful things – I am one lucky girl!

We loaded things up and returned to Waterloo! We stopped at the cemetery and that was a little rough the headstone was there and it was beautiful! The worst part of the trip was when we went to leave and my grandfather removed his glasses (because he was crying) and said merry Christmas Mary. That was hard to see and hear.

The rest of the day was ok, sitting at their house was a little rough, and due to the fact that no one really came down it made things a little worse! The kids were cute, but it was still a trying day for everyone. My mom as usual prepared everything and tried to make the day as normal as she could.

We arrived back home around 9 and I had to give the dogs a bath as they were stinky. I’m pretty sure one of them threw up and well I didn’t know who it was so they both got their asses washed! The benefit was the removable shower head mom and dad have!

I got up yesterday morning and was able to meet an old high school friend for coffee before she went to work. Now I really did want to meet Nikki for coffee but doing things like that have the tendency to provide me with anxiety. I mean I haven’t seen her since 1994, and the only contact we have had was via Facebook! So to say I was worried about the flow of conversation would be an understatement! Knowing just how sweet she was then though I had a feeing things would be just fine.

They were we chatted about things going on and then she left for work. Once she was on her way I got to hang out with my mom and her girls! That was a lot of fun – she really has some wonderful friends and I am grateful for their constant support of her during this tough time.

I came home loaded up the jeep and headed out to Syracuse. I first went to my college teammates house and hung out with her and her 3 kids! We only talk about once a month but we have been friends since 1995 so when we get together its like we talked yesterday all the time. I was there for about 5 hours and then left to go to my other buddy Shannon’s house.

Shan and I exchanged gifts and then headed out to Tully’s. We made it there for happy hour had a few drinks and a few of my favorite appetizers. The snow started so her hubby came and picked us up. We were home by 8pm hung out and watched tv for a little while, this was when I knew we were old – we both fell asleep in our respective chairs by 10:20!

I remember when we used to be able to go out until after 2 and still be up for breakfast the next morning. Shit today I felt like a train ran over me and we were home by 8! I got up and took a shower so that I could head over for coffee with my buddy April and her mom! The snow certainly did hit and well Jeepy was slipping and sliding all over the place.

Driving in the snow is not like riding a bike it doesn’t come back to you quickly – instead you grab on to the steering wheel with a death grip, go about 10 miles an hour and curse at the assholes speeding pass you and looking in your car like there is something wrong with you! Nope there isn’t anything wrong dirtbag I am just choosing to live today!

I hung out with them for like an hour or so and then got back on the road to Rochester! When I arrived home I could see that the girls had been taken very good care of as my dad had plowed them a path in the backyard! It was super cute and when I came in the house they were loving life!

We are currently waiting for pizza to arrive because we are all exhausted and no one wanted to cook! I will be leaving in the morning and I am sure I will have a story about the drive home! I hope everyone had a great few days!



Oh Tullys how I have missed thee! A happy hour beverage with a good friend in Syracuse!

Merry Christmas

This isn’t going to be a long one I just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas! I have a lot to tell you about from our wonderful Christmas Eve to the very different Christmas Day. I’m already in bed as I’m beat! The dingleberries are in their crates after getting a bath knight because they were stinky.

One of them is making all kinds of noises but I can’t tell who it is! Hoping to head to Syracuse tomorrow but Mother Nature may have alternate plans for me! Who knows! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy 1st Christmas

Happy 1st Christmas

Well I’m pretty sure she loved her presents!

In NY Safe

Well this isn’t going to be a long post as I’m super tired! We arrived safely in NY around 4 today, it was a great trip in the girls behaved for the most part and we are ready to celebrate the holiday. I will write more tomorrow night as I anxiously await the arrival of the big man in a red suit.

I can say that tonight was kicked off by a crazy good dinner surprise in which mom, dad and I created lobster tails, steaks and all kinds of amazing sides. Currently I am laying in my bed and both of the girls are in the room with me. This I am not used to and well Huntlie is snoring as loud as my father – I think that I might have to invent doggie breathe right strips! Lol

Only 1 more sleep until Christmas! I hope you have all your shopping done, presents wrapped and cookies made!