New Challenge

So we are starting over again with the 30 days! Sorry that the other ones were deleated! We are going to try doing things positively for the next couple of posts! I am tired very tired of being blamed for others issues….


Recipe of the Week Photos

So the recipe of the week this week was a crockpot shredded beef…it was supposed to be a sandwich, but I am giving up breads and shit again so I just put mine on a salad! This was mine and Katies!!




I don’t do pictures of myself often (well if ever) especially selfies however, I don’t want Charlie to get bigger and there aren’t any pictures of us! So here is what I am calling a Nephie! First of many!


All Aboard the Hot Mess Express

This is what jeep hair looks like 5 hours into a 6 hour drive! haha