cornbread pancakes with homemade strawberry syrup





Lets Catch Up

So I will apologize for not writing at all this past weekend, things were busy but not and I actually took some time on Saturday to do absolutely nothing and didn’t feel guilty about it which is very rare for me! I literally cleaned out my DVR on Saturday and actually never left the house. In fact I am not even sure looking back that I showered – too much information???

Sunday however, I was back at it! Went to church where I haven’t been since before I broke my ankle, it was nice to see everyone again and feel like I was getting back in the swing of things. After church I headed out to Easton where I was greeted by my Starbucks friends like Norm from Cheers! I walked in and they yelled “HI KIM” I then yelled back “Hi Everyone Happy New Year” – I am thinking that if I can get some time on Saturday I may make them some cookies!

After enjoying my coffee and breakfast sandwich I went over to class and well…..they are still coming up less than stellar with the classes. I am unsure of what to do at this point because I really do love going but I feel like they are just dumb! This weeks class was on juicing and you see what I used to love about the classes is that they would give you some options of things that you could do if you couldn’t afford the $400 item. These dingleberries can barely remember which fruits they used much less talk about the products.

I am honestly thinking about emailing the east cost manager again and just giving some insight, but I don’t want to be “THAT” person. Needless to say class was literally only 25 minutes, I grabbed my recipe booklet and bounced out of there because I had shit to do. If I left this open ended I wonder how many of you would be able to tell me where my next stop was…….are you pondering this?? You are correct it was time for some new CANDLES!!!!

The holiday scents are gone and the new ones are in, there was a bit of a sale going on but my girls weren’t there just some new people. I didn’t know any of them and didn’t really want to buy but I can’t be candle-less especially on a holiday weekend!!! I snagged a few new scents and took off and then headed to…..come on its choose Kim’s adventure…..Trader Joes!

Grabbed what I needed there and then made my last stop at the grocery store. As I was leaving the grocery store I got mad at some woman who just left her cart in the parking lot even though her lazy ass was literally 5 steps away from the cart return. So I got out of the jeep got her cart and put it away – making sure she knew I thought she was a d-bag!

As I was pulling out I ran into my friend Karen who was walking back home from dropping off a redbox film. We chatted in the parking lot for about 30 minutes and then I went home. I made cookies for the small dinner group – Since Sunday was apparently Dolly Parton’s birthday our theme was Dolly. The only damn song I know of hers is 9-5 so I had to do a little reserach, found that she had one called Cracker Jack. I then got on Pinterest and found a cookie recipe that was supposed to make cookies that tasted like cracker jacks – well they had no caramel in them or peanuts so I am still unsure of how this recipe was a play on cracker jacks. I added peanuts and everyone said they were good.

This is already a long post so take a few minutes and go get an adult hot chocolate before continuing on……I prefer mine with raspberry schnapps!

I have to say I was a little disappointed in our dinner group on Sunday night – mainly just in certain individuals lack of hosting. I think that I was taught very well to make sure that if you host or go somewhere that you take more than enough. I mean wouldn’t you rather have left overs than for your guests to leave hungry? I will never understand this, in fact when I got home I talked to my mom and I was like hey mom just for shits and giggles how many people are in our dinner group and without hesitation she said 12. EXACTLY if everyone attends there are 12 people – so why wouldn’t you plan for 12. One of the jackasses didn’t respond and showed up and when he did he brought a plate of 8 brownies. REALLY 8 brownies – what the hell did you do with the rest of the pan because a box makes a 13×9??? Seriously I was like are you kidding me?

Then someone else brought the cauliflower side – 1 head of cauliflower – for 12 people? It wasn’t even cut small!!!! I mean I know this fatty likes to eat but there was barely enough for everyone in the group to have 4 florets! The boys and I talked about it at dinner on Monday night, because I feel like they always put on an amazing spread of foods.

For example, people in this group like to drink wine – why wouldn’t you at least have few bottle of wine? Like I get it if you don’t drink it that you might not have a lot – but shit I don’t drink soda and that is always at my house when I host!!!!! Maybe that is just the Pat and Gramma Keebler coming through but I was disappointed in a few in the group.

ok rant over – needless to say I am hosting February – I mean really why not try to shove more shit into an already busy month but I was volunteered! So I am thinking a Mardi Gra theme even though technically Mardi Gra is in March – a little cajun creole!

Now on to this week – do you need a break – walk away from the blog, its ok you can come back later to finish up if you would like!! just two more days to update you on – Monday and Tuesday! Well seeing that Monday was a holiday I was home all day long with the twits! Qtip Karen brought me over some homemade vegetable soup and some chocolate balsamic vinegar that she got for me while she was visiting her daughter in Texas! So stinking cute that my little qtips think of me!

Then I went over to the boys for the first night of our Restaurant week extravaganza! We decided to go to Level Dining Lounge for their $20 menu! First course for me were grilled chicken wings, Danny got the “fry” basket which had zucchini fries, onion rings and sweet potato fries, Billy got the salad! Second course for me was a sweet and spicy pork ribeye with garlic mashed potatoes and broccolini, Danny got the pot roast, and Billy got the grilled chicken (which was dry), Third course made us all sad because we all wanted the white chocolate bread pudding but apparently on the first night of restaurant week they were already out of it so we got the molten chocolate cake.

Overall the food was good but the service was kinda shotty at best. If I get my sassy pants on I may just call over there and find out what the hell was going on!

Yesterday was another interesting day lots of meetings but good ones so I can’t really complain. The check in question for the success team meeting was “what is your favorite cookie” some took that is what is their favorite cookie that I have made them where others just said their favorite. What came out of this however, was that people really want the Fun Friday Cookie back. This made me happy because I haven’t done it since we have been back mainly because I felt like they didn’t appreciate it. But hearing them talk about the cookies that they like that I have made for them and then asking why we haven’t had Fun Friday Cookies was nice!

After my afternoon of meetings I met Anna for our second Restaurant week – Brazenhead – an Irish Pub – they were a $15 menu! We decided to share our first courses and got the Irish Egg rolls that had cabbage and corned beef served with a spicy mustard and the pretzel sticks! I am not going to lie the mustard was amazing – it seriously had something ridiculously spicy in it (I think horseraddish)! Second course for me was a build your own burger with their brazen chips. My burger had jalapenos, mushrooms and onion straws I also added some more of that spicy mustard! Anna got the deconstructed fish tacos and said that they weren’t anything to write home about! Third course for her was creme brûlée and I got the Irish coffee!

I have to admit for $15 I walked a way a winner and will totally be going back and would pay full price for any of the things that I had! I got home around 7:30 and just relaxed with the girls. Today has been an interesting day but I will post more about that tomorrow as I have bored you long enough! Vaccination clinic tonight, basketball game tomorrow that we NEED to win and then a haircut on Friday!

I hope that you are all doing well! Stay warm is is way too damn cold out there!