Are these my girls or what?





Grilled Clams with Chorizo


Day 100

I fricken did it completed the 100 days happy challenge!!! This was fun, and a very good reminder of what is important!


day 99

lots of miles lots of miles – well worth every single one. I needed this trip more than I thought, it was so nice to have no real agenda and see everyone.


Day 98

I always make one special stop when I am in Syracuse to visit my friend Aprils mom Deedo! I call her deeds an she turned 80 last month. I don’t know why the qtips are all my buddies but I do love her!

April lives in Florida so when I am in I stop and see if she needs anything done. Last year she needed some brush taken out to the curb, today it was emptying water out of some giant vase!

April had one of those stair chairs put in and I call it her roller coaster! So I made her sit in it we took a pic and I sent it to April!

Such a good time!


Day 97

A rare picture of me but it needed to be taken! Came home for my friend Jodie’s cancer benefit. Many many memories between the two of us and hopefully there will be many more. Cancer sucks!


Day 96

Friends and family make the world go round! Today has been a great day filled with many laughs! Needed this more than I thought!




Day 95

A little throw back Thursday for the week!