Day 79

Well there is nothing that makes me happier than trying to create a new recipe. I did not sleep well last night, and woke up not feeling super great this morning so I didn’t end up going into work. I went back to sleep and didn’t get out of the bed until a little after 8:30. I think that something I ate over the weekend has made my ulcers go nutty! Needless to say I will be toning down the spice until they start to feel a little better.

I ended up getting a few things done that I have really been trying to do the last few weekends. I finished the mulch out front, mowed the lawn – which note to self if you are already slightly nauseous picking up dog shit doesn’t really help! Got all the boxes out of the basement, got some things ready for tomorrows dinner and managed to get to the store. The only thing that I would have liked to have accomplished would have to have gone to the DMV to get my license and plates taken care of. Looks like that will take place between now and next Wedesnday!

Anyhow, I made 3 new recipes today 2 for tomorrow and the ROW! It was a great afternoon. Once I was done with everything I sat outside for over 2 hours!

Here is the ROW – Macadamia and Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi with a strawberry salsa over coconut lime cauliflower rice! I am not going to lie the shit was pretty good!

It was a good Monday!



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