Day 73

Well it’s official I miss my little Charlie! Would love to have had more time to snuggle him! Oh well… Guess that just means the next trip will be that much better!

I didn’t work today so that I could get acclimated to life again. For the last few weeks I’ve pretty much put everything on hold. It was hotter than hell out and actually it still it, but I got the lawn mowed and weeded before it rained!!! Thankfully because it’s supposed to be nasty next few days!

Once that was all done and I cooled down a bit I went and got groceries! $118 dollars later (that’s even using coupons) I was home and too tired to even think about cooking!

I grabbed chipotle for dinner, finished laundry and made lunch for the next two days! Overall fairly productive day!

The girls were so hot this was all they did today and I’m not mad at them for it! I got them a bone for being good while I was gone and try weren’t in the crate all day!

Storms are about to hit here soon I think I just saw lightening!



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