Day 43

Busy busy busy! I got up this morning and took just Halie for about a 3 mile walk. I felt bad that she didn’t get to hang out yesterday so we had a mommy Boog moment! I left the trainwreck in the backyard while we were out!

I went to church, the Starbucks, then class where wait for it….wait for it…. Nila came to class to try and learn something!!! ROSHIDA and I were so exited we could barely contain ourselves!

She is going to have us out to her house for a cooking class/dinner sometime in May! The whole thing made my day!

I then ran to get some dog food and came home to which I then started busting my ass again in the yard. I mowed, weeded, bug sprayed, talked to the kids, picked up random trash ad threw a bunch of other shit out!

I came inside filthy an did laundry and cleaned the inside of the house up a bit. Had lunch, put dishes away, put laundry away, then showered and left for he white candle barn VIP event.

I met ROSHIDA out there and we got a free 3 wick candle and sept another 30$ on 3 more candles! I have a problem.

We actually got to talk to one of the guys who makes the scents that was pretty cool!

I came home and am now in bed still have a lot to do before I leave on Tuesday! Today’s happy days picture is of the backyard before I put out the furniture – that will be next weekend because it’s supposed to snow again on Tuesday!!! I hope you have all had a great weekend!



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