Day 1


So for Day 1 of the challenge I really could have taken a few different photos of what made me happy because today started off great. I actually was on Lippy for about 5 minutes to test out the knee and see how she felt. Surprisingly not too shabby so we are going to add more time tomorrow morning.

Then as I was trying to leave this morning, there was a vagabond walking down the street – his hands were shaking and he looked cold, I was cold. So I watched the direction he walked in, doubled back with the jeep and gave him the extra hoodie I keep in the jeep. His eyes lit up as he said Thank you!

But this picture is of our Monday Crockpot lunch crew. I started something in the office called crockpot Mondays and it was really started during No Eat Out November. We now have approximately 10 of us that have signed up to do a crockpot meal almost every Monday of the semester. This takes place in my office and ranges from me as the Interim Director to our interns.

After lunch I ran an errand and upon returning I found a wallet, I came up to my office looked on GradesFirst to see if it was a student athlete. Sure enough it was so I called him and he didn’t even know it was missing yet.

Ya lots to be happy about today but this is the picture I have chosen to represent the day!


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