Where in the hell did the weekend go???

Well here we are again another week has started and I am just giving you the updates! Sad really that there isn’t a whole lot going on in my world to update you on!

Things have been off to a much better start this semester – although this week could prove to be trying as my boss is back in town and plans to be in the office more. The benefit though is that I will be heading to NY on Thursday and out of the office the time he is here.

Last week was yet another good one – I made the vice provost laugh his ass off when I told him that I channeled my inner Olympian on the walk over to his office by doing a triple toe loop followed by a hamel camel and ending with a toe pick all while walking on the ice! Of course I was merely embellishing just for the laugh as none of that happened! But it sure shit made me laugh!

The snow is still proving to be a pain right in the ass here! My street has such snow ruts in it that I have to put the jeep in 4 wheel drive just to get out of my parking area. It is maddening the way they treat the side streets. Peoples cars are seriously stuck in the snow and they are not doing a damn thing to help them.

This weekend was rather nice, as you can see I hosted the small dinner group on Sunday afternoon. It was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to be full and happy when they left. We did a cajun/creole theme and I did a jambalaya bar which I actually saw posted on facebook.

I made the rice and left that all by itself so that people could add the toppings that they wanted. I guess that I should be happy that everyone feels comfortable when they come over here. It was the longest that people have stayed at a dinner party in a long time!

I worked my last study table of the semester tonight and that makes me very very very very wait very happy! I will not see another late night at the Younkin until September!

OK well I have a busy week and well tonight is probably the only night that i will make it to bed before 11 so I should get there! I hope that you are all having a great week!


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