Week in Review

So I told you earlier that I was going to give you an update of last week! Things have actually been fairly decent the last week. So Monday morning I got up and realized that the heat had gone off at some point in the middle of the night and it was only 55 degrees in the house. I called the landlord, put the girls in the coats that they got for Christmas, and left for work.

We were anticipating record lows again on Tuesday so it was imperative that the heat get back on! Monday went fairly well, until the end of the day when the university decided to cancel classes but keep offices open – however supervisors could decide what their staff was going to do. SHIT I was either going to be the hero or the zero….what do I do?? Close the office for everyone, make people take vacation time? Am I actually allowed to close the office??? UGGGGG it was a good thing that David was calling me so that I could bounce my question off of him.

After reading him the email that was sent out I made the final decision to close the office for the day. Oh and by this time the heat was back on thankfully. I still wonder that if it wasn’t might my decision have been different! lol

So Tuesday rolls around and it was FRIDGID!!!!! Snow, ice you name it and it was out there. Thankfully I didn’t have to go anywhere so I stayed inside and in my pjs all day long. I found a new series on Netflix that I am addicted to Damages with Glen Close. I watched the entire first season while trying to stay warm!

The next few days were cold but thankfully things got warmer. I had a few great meetings to end the week, I spent some time with some of the girls from the band and then Friday night came home and did absolutely nothing.

Yesterday morning I got up super early because I knew that Billy was coming to pick me up for the swim meet at 10:15 and I was going to be carless for the rest of the day. Yep jeepy went back into the shop – oh Charlie please do a good job on her!

After last weeks Vietnamese cooking class I knew that I wanted to try and make at least one of the recipes. So I looked at everything, made my list and was out at the international market at 8am, I shopped around there until around 8:45 and got pretty much everything. Then I headed down to Sam’s Club to get the much needed essentials from there.

I got home about 9:50 and Billy was here by 10:05, we dropped jeepy off at the shop and then headed down to campus. I can tell you that I have now nixed swim meets off of my bucket list of things I need to attend. It was fun but shit its hot in there and well slightly boring! Not a whole lot of action going on!

We ran a few errands right after the meet, and then I was home and trapped. Around 2 Charlie called me to let me know that jeepy was going to put yet another dent in my pocket that seems to have a hole in it. She needed at least $350 worth of work. UGGGGGGGG 2 steps forward 17 steps back but it has to happen so run with it.

Charlie called me around 5:40 to tell me that she was ready to go. I walked down to the shop handed over cash that I had and came back home to get ready for Katie’s birthday celebration. For about the 4th year in a row now we were meeting for Katie’s Karaoke Birthday. However, we started at a sushi place for dinner.

Dinner was a TRAINWRECK!!! Our server was stoned, there were 22 of us, we all got there around 7 and well didn’t get out food until 8:50. The food was decent but service was less than deseriable. It made for a lack of interest in the karaoke because my old ass was already tired. I stayed until a little after 11 but then called it a night.

This morning I went out and ran to the grocery store to grab the last minute things that I needed for the pho and week. Then headed out to class, in which we made two really great recipes. We did a filet with a red wine reduction sauce, and a zucchini salad with mint, lemon and feta cheese. Yes I know I hate cheese but I have been trying to at least try it. Ya I am still gagging a little over it because I really can’t do the feta! Everything else was great in the salad so I would totally make it just put the feta on the side!

After class I ran over to TJ’s to grab a the last of the items that I need this week to finish off the recipes! Then stopped at Q-tip Karen’s house as she was having a brung. It was the Kimmie show for about 15 minutes as I shared with them the sushi debacle, and the recipes from class. It was fun felt like being back at home in Waterloo when gram would want to know what was going on and I would embellish the story slightly because it was fun to see her laugh.

I said goodbye and came home and started knocking out a few new recipes. I am unsure if the girls in the office will like what I made but I wanted to try it and honestly I have gotten tired of always trying to make others happy. It is a spicy thai peanut chicken crockpot recipe. If they don’t like it looks like I will be eating it all week.

While that was going I continued to get my Pho ready! I made the broth, got the proteins ready and cut up all of the extras that will go on when its ready to eat.

I am now watching this Super Bowl which is rather disappointing as I thought it was going to be much closer. The commercials haven’t been all that great either. Well except for the clydesdale ones!

The Pho was excellent, I already know what I am going to do differently next time. This week should be decent, I have study table tomorrow night and athletic council on Wednesday night but outside of that should be good to go!

Ok well I will try my best to give updates all week so that you don’t have to read forever! Have a great week everyone!


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