Ya today was a good day

So the day started off with just getting up and waiting for the delivery boys to arrive with my elliptical! Well around 9 they called and said they were about 15 minutes away. I put the girls in the crate and got my game face on…I needed these boys to put this bitch together. Much like any parent you have names ready for your new child, not sure what you will end up naming them but you have something in mind. Well the new addition to my home is LIPPY the elliptical! She will be stored in the spare room which I hope to make into a workout/movie room!

Baby steps Kim Baby Steps…I mean first it was Netflix streaming through the wii, now a damn elliptical and who knows next might just be one of those exercise balls! Look out world here we come!

So lets get back to the boys who delivered Lippy – they were about 20 something year old black men whom found me hilarious! Again a great way to start the morning! They came in the house, asked where things were going and I told them upstairs. Then one of the boys was like “who you got helpin you put this together?” I said with an incredibly serious face “um I thought you guys were going to do it” hoping that they would say “oh ya” and just do it! Well……they giggled and the one said “we would, but we can’t” so then the ass said “it should take you about 2 hours” I said “shit boys its going to take me about 8 hours” they laughed and then started carrying the gigantic 150 pound box up my stairs.

Once they were up there, they both took notice of my final four chair that is in that room – the one said “its it comfortable” I wanted to say I will let you sit in it if you put the elliptical together. But then I thought I might be pushing my luck! They left and I looked at the box, got ready for work and went in to the office.

The day was pretty interesting, since Ben left I have now had to take back over the Success Team meetings. Now this is something that I have done for the last 7 years so its not a new adventure but it is one that I have to get used to being in charge of again. I am normally much more prepared but today I did the agenda about 7 minutes before the meeting. I was more focused on my 4 o’clock meeting with Miechelle.

Once the ST meeting was over I headed out to my meeting at the Fawcett, I think that one of the best parts of this whole 4 months is getting to have Miechelle’s leadership and insights. I really enjoy the meetings and the perspective that she brings to me about so many different things.

While I was waiting for our meeting I happened to over hear her and the other person in her office actually talk about me – the person that she was talking to said “oh I hear that Kim is doing a really nice job” and then Miechelle said “she is great”! Shit that was just what I needed to hear at the beginning of the semester. This made me really happy!

The meeting was great and at the end we started talking about some things that we are thinking about doing. One thing that I have started kicking around is a “year as interim director end and birthday trip” for myself. I am thinking about taking the mega bus that goes directly from Columbus to NYC for a weekend. During that weekend I am going to do the following things – go to Alex Guarnashelli’s restaurant BUTTER for dinner, go to a Mets game, see a live taping of THE CHEW and go see the musical Kinky Boots!

My friend is taking the mega bus to NYC this weekend so based on his experience I will really determine if this is going to happen. I don’t care if anyone comes along – but I am going to do it! It is going to be my YAY ME party – since everyone else gets to have housewarming, baby showers, bridal showers, etc – its going to be a You did it Kim Shower!

Miechelle is going to the Westminster Dog show and was telling me all about that too! She and her hubby may go see Kinky Boots so that will be some awesome feedback!

I came home and decided that I was going to try and put the elliptical together – well….I pulled out all the parts got overwhelmed and came down stairs and made dinner! The recipe of the week was crazy good and I totally will make it again! I put it over the cauliflower rice and well….not going to lie it was another hit!

Once I ate I sent out an SOS to Anna to see if she would work for Chipotle – she said yes and therefore will be coming over tomorrow night to help me – or should I say put together my Lippy! She was excited for the challenge! Who knows if she knocks it out of the park I may even take her for icecream!

I talked to David tonight and actually had a really good conversation, made me feel even better than I did after overhearing Miechelles conversation. I now feel like I can really move forward with the charge for the second half of the year, and I am excited about it again.

Ok stay tuned for Lippys birth – don’t worry I will photo document as we get through our steps! Have a great hump day!


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