No More Boot!!!!!

That is correct I am out of the damn shoe boot! Well technically I have been out of it for about a week – but I actually got the doctors approval to be out of it today! I went in for my check in meeting today and Dr. B said “so how long have you actually been out of the boot” I told the truth and said that I hadn’t been wearing it since last week. I told him that with the snow and ice I would have clearly broken something else. He laughed and agreed, said that we were going to now treat the rehab as if I just had a severely sprained ankle.

Shit I can do that no problem!!!! I left pretty happy with the results and headed into the office! Of course since I was late there was barely any parking! The only space that was available was on top of a giant (ok 3 foot) snow pile! Well hell what is the purpose of having a jeep wrangler if I can’t use it for what it is!!!

I threw jeepy in reverse, put her ass in 4 wheel drive and backed the old bitch right on that snow pile! Now here was my biggest fear – 5th floor parking garage, warmer weather and a slight bit of rain….I thought that I was going to come out to the jeep rolling down the parking garage as the snow was melting! Thankfully at the end of the day she was still sitting on top of that slightly melted snow pile like she was the queen of the world!

I have had a turn of events at work and thankfully am working with a student again! Now it is just one and that might be all that I can truly handle with the other things going on, but working with him has made me happy again with things. I was revitalized today as we had our first meeting today and well…

As always there is a story… So my new son came in today and I had found out that he didn’t yet have one of the books that was necessary for class. So we got the voucher and I decided we were going on a field trip up to the bookstore. We got on the bus, went to the store, got the book and then got back on the bus. Apparently though we got on the wrong bus and after about 15 minutes of riding I grabbed him and we ended up walking about a half mile back to the office.

The poor kid was probably like really bitch what the hell are you doing! It gave us some time to talk though which was nice, it wasn’t a threatening atmosphere so we could just chat and walk! I think that he is going to be a-ok!

The rest of the day was fairly decent I didn’t get home until a little before 7. A former OSU graduate had contacted my coworker because she wanted to know more about what we did as she was going to have a phone interview for a position that sounded like ours. We had a conference call with her that started at 5 and went until after 6. The most ironic thing about the whole situation was that she is currently teaching at MCC – yes that is Monroe Community College. What the hell are the chances right that someone would reach out to us that graduated from OSU that is now living in Rochester NY????

She was very pleasant and appreciative of our time but trust me I was ready to go by the time the convo was over! Speaking of being over It is almost 10 and my ass is ready to hit the hay!

Here is to a great week!


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