A Year in Review

Well…..another 365 days have passed and we have just entered into 2014! Not sure how to sum up the year, there were some ups, some downs and quite a few firsts. For the most part I would have to say that it was a pretty decent year – but it has been a little hard for me the last two months. I can’t really wrap my head around why its been tough I think that most of it has to do with this Interim Director position and some of the let downs that I have seen in the last few weeks. But we will get to that later in this post, for now lets take a look back and think about what is ahead.

I felt like last year there was quite a bit of growth for me in the office, which led me to the position that I am sitting in today. There was the Wellness Challenge, there was getting more involved in the daily activities with Football, there was trying to let go of the Success Team so that I could take on additional responsibilites, and then once the announcement came out that I was going to step in for David – there was the “oh shit what now”.

After sitting and reflecting on the last 5 months I am still EXTREMELY unsure if leading the office this way is something that I truly want to do. Well let me rephrase that, I am not sure that THIS is the office that I want to lead. I love leading, but I love leading my way and with David around and everyone continuing to think that his way is the best way and not giving me any wiggle room for growth this is the biggest issue.

The hard part is that I am pleasing (or at least I think I am) those that are above me which in my mind are the only people that I NEED to please. So do I say F-it to the rest of them and not really care what they are thinking?? At this point – yes I think that this is the route that I need to take. I will continue to do the things that I have always done but as far as trying to make them all happy – well that ship has sailed and well….you bitches weren’t on it so I am not bringing it back to shore.

I stopped doing the RAKK’s – this was hard but the main reason that I stopped doing it was that I felt as though I was putting a lot of time, effort and money into things and not getting the outcomes. People couldn’t follow simple requests and therefore I became defeated with that. What the RAKK’s did however, was show me that other people have kindness in them. I have found much more enjoyment giving cookies to the people at Starbucks, White Candle Barn and Williams Sonoma. I may start up the RAKK’s again this year for those that never got one that were still on my list – but they may be a little more personal and there may only be 2 a month.

I think that some of my disappointment from this year came in the form of continuing to try and do nice for others and just not getting the response that I expected. OOOO Expected – now that is such a loaded word isn’t it – expectations of others. How can you EXPECT someone to do something when you don’t communicate with them the hopes that you have for something or why it is important to you? So some of my disappointment falls on myself too as I have always been guilty of this.

So now onto some of the fun things for the year – I was able to keep my recipe club going for all 52 weeks of the year and will be starting a new one on Sunday. I sent out a call for people who didn’t want to take part to just let me know and I would take them off the email. I didn’t hear back from anyone that they wanted to be taken off so looks like they will get another 52 weeks of Kimmie emails! I found this to be very fun, picking out a new recipe weekly that people (or mainly me and my friend Katie and her hubby Cliff) would do!

I am thinking about how I could change it up this year to give it a twist but I don’t know! With that I think that it is amazing that I did 52 new recipes! To be perfectly honest those are the ones that I can actually account for but between my Fun Friday Cookies, and just doing other parties and things I am pretty sure I am well over the 150 recipe mark! My mom gave me this new daily calendar that I am going to use just for recipes and such to keep track of everything that comes out of my kitchen!

I am buying an elliptical by the end of the weekend so that I can have it here in the house! NO MORE EXCUSES – what I am most excited about is being able to come home preheat the oven go do a quick work out make dinner and still have the evening to do what I would like to do! Or get up in the morning and not have to clean off the car and freeze my tush off getting to the gym! I think that as the months go I will add to the room and actually make it a work out room with a few free weights or one of those balance balls etc. I am excited about this new adventure!

I am also very excited about becoming an aunt! Not sure what it will all entail as we live so far away and although I would love to be down there all the time, Kel and Justin will have their own lives to get accustomed to and well… I will still have to work! lol I already have a bin in my basement for Baby Burkett that is getting full!

Ok now we have come to that place where we start talking about what 2014 will bring – I think that one of the things that I am going to do is not take myself, my job or anything so seriously. I am not sure where that Kimmie went to but I lost her somewhere in the last two years. I think that the next 5 months for sure are going to be focused a little more on me and a little less on everyone else. Not to the point of being selfish but getting back to how to make Kim happy versus always trying to make sure that everyone else is happy because that clearly isn’t working!

If this broken ankle/arm has taught me one thing it is that I need to slow the hell down and start enjoying the life that I have because it is a pretty cool one. I am going to use my friend Jodie as an inspiration as she doesn’t know what her future holds, I mean none of us really do but her cancer diagnosis isn’t great. So I will try to do my best to appreciate the awesomeness that is me!

I hope that you all do the same – no need for resolutions just make a commitment to yourself to be at your best 5 out of 7 days a week! By best I mean what YOU consider to be your best! If that means todays best is chillin in your pjs all damn day and playing Candy Crush than shit do it! I am glad the holidays are over and 2014 is here – time to commit to be better!


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