Nothing New

Things have been fairly quiet of late which is why you are seeing more photos than stories. The semester is a day and a half away from being over, grades are coming in and well….some of them are not good at all! There could be a few things that we will have to look at if some of the kids don’t do well.

I am not sure that I have shared this yet, but one of my friends from college recently was given a diagnosis that put quite a bit in perspective for me. My college friend Jodie was diagnosed the day before Thanksgiving with stage 4 breast and liver cancer. She is 35 years old and has a 4 month old son named Sammy.

She wasn’t feeling great right before she was scheduled to go back to work, so she went to the doctor. They decided to run some blood work and well 3 days later she was told the above. The day after Thanksgiving they started her on an Oral chemo, and last week she spent 3 days in the hospital as they wanted to start aggressively with the other chemo.

I feel horrible as there is nothing one can really say or do to make the situation any better. Being 7 hours away doesn’t help either. She seems to be trying to stay in good spirits but I am not sure how much of that is “false hustle” (as coach would call trying without caring). She, her hubby and baby Sam have moved back in with her parents. She posts somewhat regularly on Facebook with some status updates but this is hit or miss.

I have sent out a care package to her to let her know that we are thinking about her here, and I try to send a text/photo message every other day. If you are the shout out up to the big man kinda person – please keep Jodie and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

I plan to keep Jodie’s struggles as a baseline for remembering that life is short and could be so much worse.

Tomorrow is hump day and I have the clinic tomorrow night, then the staff holiday gathering is on Thursday. I think that I have to make a side dish for the party and a few cookies! OK well I am tired so its time to hit the hay!


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