Tis the Season

This isn’t going to be super long as I am kinda beat, and my boss is texting me and that means that I can’t multitask! Things have been fairly decent this week, lots to do to finish out the semester and I really can’t believe that my first semester as interim director is coming to a close. I will do some reflecting on it once it is all over, how some things were good and other things not so good. But that isn’t going to happen until later this month.

I had my first Christmas party to attend tonight and it was the one put on by the vice provost with all the under graduate directors. Well….let me tell you I really was not looking forward to going, I mean I barely know these people – you could bring a plus one so that you were not forced into talking to people you really don’t know but I didn’t have someone to bring.

I had to make the decision to be the adult and miss the basketball game tonight and go to this party. Reluctantly I finally left the house at 5:45, with cookies and a bottle of wine because I was taught that you don’t go to someones home with empty hands. I showed up and well I was one of six. UGGGGGGG Really what the hell am I going to talk to these people about? Half of them don’t even like sports!!!

I thankfully started talking to the girlfriend of one of the other directors who was as out of place as I was and that at least broke the ice. Then I ended up talking to the Navy Director who as small as the world can be married a woman from Irondiquoit whose parents both worked at Kodak. So I ended up spending about 30 minutes talking to them and as we went back to the table for a cookie I started talking to the vice provosts wife.

This was when I think I got verbal diarrhea I started telling cooking stories, showing pictures and then we started talking dogs. At this point my story telling took over and I am not sure if they were laughing at me or with me but either way I was going full steam ahead. I had planned to try and get out of there and make it to the game by half time but that didn’t happen. Thankfully I set the dvr so I have been able to watch the game. Unfortunately I was checking my email and the box scores popped up so I already know the final score.

As you can see from the picture I posted last night I came home to a cold ass house. Apparently the heater decided to die yesterday – I called the landlord and he sent a text that said he could have come last night at like 9. I told him that I am from upstate NY and used to the cold so as long as he got the shit fixed before Friday when we are anticipated to get a major storm I would be fine. He was thankful and told me he would come over today. When I got home the note you see was on my chalkboard wall. I think that he has been waiting for the wall to be blank to actually write on it because the chalk is in a coffee cup that is hanging with the other ones – he had to look for that chalk!

Anyhow, I now have heat and I am ready to go to bed and not freeze! Happy Hump Day everyone!


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