2 Days of Work

Well the weekend is over and all I have to do is work two days this week. Thank ya Jesus!!! I am totally getting to the point of needing some serious time away. This weekend was pretty nice – I ended up making about 18.5 dozen cookies on Friday night when I got home from work. I ended up sending about 8 dozen out to California and they should arrive by tomorrow afternoon – which would put them out there around just in time for Kel and Justin.

I got up Saturday morning and took a friend to the airport. She needed to be there around 7 so I decided to run all my errands after I dropped her off. I had almost everything bought for our Thanksgiving feast I needed to get 4 things that the store I was at didn’t have. I was home and unloading the car by 9, dropped off the package at the post office came home and got ready for the game.

Katie and Anna went to the absolutely bitter cold game with me. We started out thinking that it wasn’t going to be that cold and it seemed like right around kickoff the temps dropped by like 15 degrees. We decided that we were going to take off right after the half time show and it was painful to even walk. We stopped for dinner and then home. By 8:30 I was in the shower trying to get warm and that was virtually impossible. I went to bed in sweats, socks (which I never wear) a long sleeve t-shirt, and a fleece. When I got up this morning I was still cold.

Today was a fairly typical Sunday – Starbucks was packed which wasn’t fun, and class was a bit of a hot mess. But that is to be expected these days. I am seriously contemplating telling the manager that I will come and teach the class but that is it – because the cluster f’s they have teaching them are turning people away.

I handed out some cookies to all the people that were taking class today and they were happy. 3 asked me to email them the recipe, 1 asked me for my phone number, and another group asked me if I would be interested in teaching them a class on how to make cookies. haha this could get interesting.

When I was done with class I made a quick stop at TJ’s and then home. I had some chili that I had put in the freezer and then I took some time to watch tv. I made my to-do list for getting things ready for the rest of the week, then I made some cookies for my Starbucks barista tomorrow morning, then I made my pie crust for later this week. Now I am sitting here and getting ready to head to bed.

I hope that you all had a productive weekend!


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