The week is over

Well its not really over yet, but its pretty damn close. Yesterday was a pretty decent day – I mean it was full of meetings and I barely had thirty seconds to do the things that I needed to! However, when I got home at 5:20 I was feeling like it had been a productive day. I quickly let the girls out and then went over to the boys as we were meeting all the q-tips for dinner.

We all met up at Black Creek Bistro which is a nice place, but I think that their menu is just ok and fairly high priced. I ended up getting a few different $5 appetizers for dinner because nothing was really jumping off the menu at me. The last time that we went there they chef’s dinner special was crazy good but this weeks sounded yucky!

I ended up getting the grilled shrimp and fresh cut french fries with truffle aioli. Both were very good and worth the $5 each that I payed for them. Once we were done eating we headed out to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see this art show that was a bunch of lights. Those are the pictures that I posted – it was a really pretty show, although you kinda have to be an artsy fartsy kind of person to really appreciate them. When I saw lights show I really thought that we were going to see Christmas lights – haha ya no that wasn’t the case. We had a really nice time though so I can’t complain.

Once we walked through the exhibit we left and went to get some ice cream to cap off the night. I had a pumpkin pie sundae and it was delish! No Eat Out November is totally going well – last night was the only time this month that I have used money to actually eat out. I had this dinner planned though in October so I knew that I was going to have to stick to my word.

Today was a fairly decent day until I had to try and find f-in parking. It took me over an hour to try and find a space, and once I did it was at a meter. So much for paying $70 a month for my parking pass. Needless to say someone at traffic and parking got an earful – I was so pissed that I seriously almost threw the phone. I can’t even do the store justice in writing so whenever you are around me next ask me to tell you this story.

When the day was finally over I came home and started baking the fun friday cookie! I had wanted tacos all week and therefore decided that i was going to make some. I have been feeling super tired lately and not sure exactly what was causing it because I feel like I am getting a little bit of good sleep. Well after I had the beef in the tacos I kinda started to feel a little better. So I text my trainer buddy and she said maybe my iron was really low. So I guess we will look at getting some iron pills or something like that!

Anyhow, I have finished baking for the night and everything is picked up. I am going to get things situated for Thanksgiving and get my plan of attack down this weekend so that come Tuesday everything will be part of a plan.

Ok well I hope that you have had a great week and that you are as excited for the weekend as I am!


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