Tired Tuesday

Well it is only Tuesday and we have a few more days to go this week – but I will be happy when Friday finally gets here. The last two days haven’t been all that bad. The last few Monday’s my boss has actually started my week off with a hello have a good week text message. This week though he decided to call me – mainly because as he stated “I know you are a planner and social so I want to get on your calendar for next week – can I take you to dinner on Monday” SHIT YA – it’s No Eat Out November, I will make time for that! haha and to catch up.

I can’t believe that the first semester of this is almost over. I don’t really know what to think about everything as it certainly has had its ups and downs and now as we get closer to the end of the semester I know that we are probably going to see more downs. I am stressed out about it but know that I just have to keep plugging away.

As you can see from yesterday we had another appreciation activity for the staff. I am pretty sure that they all liked it, but like most things I think they don’t necessarily care. Only 2 people actually said thank you for doing it, and not that you do things for the thank you but it is nice to hear.

This morning I got up and tried a new recipe the peanut butter and banana quesadilla – it was actually fairly easy to do and filling. Not sure that it would be something that I would do every day but it was worth trying. Today was filled with meetings and then I finally got out of the office came home and started making my dinner.

I made the recipe of the week which was a winter vegetable casserole. It was really good, I did however make a few changes that benefited me. I added mushrooms, and celery. Then I traded out the leeks for a regular onion and added some garlic to the sauce mixture! Not going to lie the shit was really good!

I have now cleaned up everything and will probably head to bed as soon as I give Halie her evening meds! Tomorrow should be a fairly decent day. Lots of meetings again but then dinner and a lights thingy with the Q-tips!


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