Is the weekend really over already?

I think that I am really starting to long for some time away from the office. Not just time away like a day but some serious time where I do not have to do anything that is related to my job. It has been a long semester and we still have about 6 more weeks to go and within those weeks there is the holiday.

I baked most of the day yesterday as you can see from the pictures and well….things seemed to be going fairly well until this morning when I got up to make the last pie crust and I turned the stove on to preheat … heard a weird pop and then a little fizzle. I thought oh shit Huntlie just bit the cord and electrocuted herself. Nope as I started to come into the living room I saw that there was a giant orange light coming from inside the stove.

It wasn’t screaming come to the light, but I did have a nice fire going! Yep for a brief moment I had a nice panic attack and thought oh shit what am I going to do – then I thought really you dumbass turn the stove off and the electric will stop going to the fire spot. I then sat and watched the fire go out, emailed the boys and asked if when I got to their house for breakfast if I could bake the last crust. Oh did I mention that this all happened before 6:30 this morning? Sunday Funday certainly started off with a bang! lol

I baked the last crust at the boys and then came home, went to class, ran my errands and was home by 1:30. I had to be back over to the boys by 5:30 for our dinner group – I was in charge of dessert – hence the pie!

I have been a little sad this weekend and I think that it just has to do with missing gram, and knowing that this is really going to be a change for the holidays. Not that I am not excited about the new traditions that are about to start – but that the old ones are now just great memories. I wish that she were here for me to tell her how I started a fire trying to make her pies, how I screwed up the crust and had to throw one away, and how everyone thinks that she would be proud of how I made her recipe. Billy made sure to let everyone know that it was hers tonight at dinner.

I used to call her on my way home every moth from our dinner group to let her know what everyone thought of my creations. Now I just have to talk to myself knowing that she is listening. I miss her very much and hope she can get me through the next few weeks!

Not a ton going on this week but enough to stay busy! I will do the last of the Thanksgiving shopping next weekend to get all of the fresh food items! I am hoping that my landlord has a solution to the stove by the end of the day tomorrow. He knows that I am having Thanksgiving so that should be a little bit of an incentive!

Have a great week!


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