The Pity Train is Full Find Something Else to Ride!

So the end of the week is just around the corner and let me tell you I am one excited girl! I think that I have had my fill of people who just do not want to take responsibility for themselves. Seriously, I have zero interest in wanting to be your friend…in fact I have 5 friends I really do not need anymore so there!

I can tell that this position is making it so that I really do need to have broad shoulders and a short memory because one day they like me and the next day they want to stab me with the spork that is in the kitchen cupboard. Such is upper level management right! Anyhow, tomorrow is gobblerito fest so that makes me really excited – I think that we are going to have about 18 people there!

I don’t have a whole lot else to report on, I would ask you this though – my friend Andy from Syracuse has a little almost 2 year old Sophie – who happens to be my god daughter. Sophie has some type of seizure disorder that they haven’t really been able to get under control. She is on all kinds of meds which has slowed her growth both physically and mentally. She is a happy child but struggles.

Last week Soph apparently decided that she no longer wanted to eat or drink therefore she was unable to get nourishment and/or her medicines. When that happens it throws all of her levels off and causes severe grand mal seizures. Andy, Jen and Sohpie have been at the hospital since last week as the doctors were uncertain what course of action to take. They decided a little after 3 today that they are going to surgically put a food port in the munchkins tummy which will allow for them to give her nutrients and meds through a feeding tube.

Sophie also has an older brother Casi and sister Lo who are 7 and 4 – they do not really understand why mommy and daddy are not around either so this has been a very difficult week for them. If you happen to be the praying type please send a shout out up to the big man for the family. If you aren’t the praying type please just think of them and send some good vibes their way.

I know that for me the next time I am thinking about bitching about something I will remember the little face that just doesn’t understand what the hell is going on, the mommy and daddy who are scared beyond scared and the older brother and sister who are trying really hard to be good for everyones sake.

The chocolate chip pumpkin bars that I made for my meeting with Dr. Carlson tomorrow are almost done – so its time to call it a night! Sleep well everyone – sleep well!


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