Being in Charge…..

Well today was yet again another not so great Monday. Being in charge albeit fun and exciting can really suck – what this experience is teaching me is that I can and do have a pretty thick skin. I am learning that I do not have to be friends with everyone and well…I do not have to be liked by them all either. Not that I don’t want people to like me and not that I won’t continue to do the nice things for everyone in the deparmtent. But that I will have to make decisions that people are not going to like and then I have to have the balls to stand behind those decisions.

Today started off with a coaches meeting and I didn’t really have a ton to say so I closed out the meeting with a few announcements, and then headed back into the office. Once I got there, I was literally in my office for about 20 minutes before someone came in and turned in their letter of resignation. Now…I was not surprised that I received it as I gave them a glowing recommendation last week. However, I truly thought that after 7 years the person would have the curtsey to give us more than 2 weeks. Now for a normal job there may not be a ton of things that can’t be handled in a two week departure time. But when you deal with students and trying to get them ready for final exams – this was a total slap in the face.

For someone to tell me that they care about the organization, care about the students and their well being and then to make this kind of departure well….just sucks the big one. I couldn’t even look at this person and honestly probably won’t for the next two weeks. After I had a Bernie moment and took a deep breathe I put my problem solving hat on and came up with a solution. I was happy with the solution and moved on. Still pissed but moved on.

Then we had our 2nd Crockpot Monday meal and it was my turn to bring the meal in for the girls. I did a chicken taco chili – and well…..there was just enough left for me to have a scoop for dinner. Everyone loved it and that made me happy – made my office smell like a dirty Mexican but I will take that over pissy people any day. I truly hope that I never lose what I had today in my office for lunch – at one point there was everyone from me as the interim director to one of our interns sitting in there enjoying the time. If I ever lose that please someone who is reading this give me a swift kick in the ass and remind me of this!

The next difficult conversation today was telling someone that I was cutting some of their peoples hours based on my budget. I will be reducing hours from 30 a week to 20 a week. This was not liked but unfortunately it is something that has to be done. Once again its a good thing I have shoulders like a linebacker as I will have to handle this one and not be so well liked. Oh well….guess my appeal to the older men will lose a little of its swagger!

Staff meeting was after this meeting, it went pretty well…I think that the staff is liking the way that I am doing the meetings I have changed them up and let a few of them lead the different areas! Once this meeting was over I ran home for about 45 minutes and let dumb and dumber out in the yard for a bit. Then headed back into the office for my last study table of the semester. I was in working on something for the athletic director and then David called.

I talked to him for about an hour and we talked about the day. He told me that I had the right to be pissed about the way in which the resignation happened so it was ok to act like Bernie for a little bit. He liked my solutions and told me that I was making his job easy by just handling things and getting him up to speed on things. This made me feel pretty good.

When I got off the phone with him I looked up at the clock and saw that it said 9 I all but jumped out of the chair – and then I realized that the damn clock in the hallway had not been set back an hour for daylights savings! UGGG still another hour.

I finally got home and now I am sitting here in the recliner in its new position in the living room. Yes apparently yesterday I went on a bit of a bender and changed some shit up. I like it right now but the dogs don’t seem to very much – Hay likes the new position of the bed but Hunt hates it because she doesn’t have a corner!

OK well tomorrow is another long ass day – faculty appreciation dinner tomorrow night – I am hoping to make it home by 7:30! OFF TO BED!!!!


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