F You 4:30

So I have been exhausted the last few days, and I think that part of it has to do with the fact that I have to fall asleep with the TV on and my remote that has the sleep timer on it has died. I need to get a new one, but that has not been on the agenda of late. I fall asleep hard sleep for like 2 hours and then the damn tv wakes me up. Not that I mind waking up to Detective Olivia Benson but falling back asleep is the problem.

Last night though frick and frack better known as Halie and Huntie were not about sleeping. Hunt was pacing around the room like she had to poop so we came down stairs and she didn’t have to shit so she spent the night in the crate. Then at some point around 2 I heard a funny noise so that woke me up – what was the noise you ask??? well it was Halie lapping water out of the toilet! Seriously WTF girls!! Needless to say she too ended up in her crate – I came back to bed and tried to fall asleep. Around 4:30 I think I finally fell back asleep and next thing I know my alarm was going off.

The morning started off decent, had a big meeting at 9. Then a mentor type meeting at 10:30, then an interview at 12:30 then a meeting at 2 and 2:30, another interview at 4. Then at 4:30 that is when shit went south – I finally started checking my email and by the time I did I had 2 emails that I knew were going to create some bullshit responses and pissed off people. Then I was slapped with some news from a subordinate that they might be leaving – seriously???? UGGGG

As I was driving home I knew that I was going to call David to just talk to him about the different things that had gone on in the last half hour. He once again talked me off the ledge and we were able to come to a consensus for how I was going to handle the situations. Not that what we talked about wasn’t what I was planning to do but it was nice to know what I was moving in the right direction.

I drafted my response to the coach and had David read it over he said that it sounded good. However, just as I sit here now she has responded and still is not happy. Not my fault your team is losing! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

OK well I am now going to try and go to bed although I am sure that I will fester over this all night long. I hope that you all have a great hump day! Mine might be considered wine wednesday!


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