Well it is almost 9pm and I am freezing in my house but I am seriously boycotting turning the damn heat on until November 1st. This is crazy pants the thermostat says that it is 58 degrees in the house right now – which probably means that it will be about 50 in the morning when I finally roll my ass out of bed. I am going to be stubborn this time though because it is supposed to get warmer again later this week. I am only home to sleep these days and well I can throw a hoodie and sweatpants on to warm up! I do have to get Hunt a fleece though because her pathetic ass keeps shivering!

The last few days have been very busy in that we have been interviewing for the new counselor position. We have a fairly difficult day set up for all of the interview candidates and it is very interesting being the person who will eventually make the final decision on who will be the new team member. I took part in 2 different parts of the interview day, 1 the lunch portion in which I honestly go to watch how the candidate interacts with the student athletes. Then I am the last interview of the day for them, both of the candidates were good in my mind. They will both need some fine tuning and they have no idea really what to expect but I think that they will do a good job if they get the proper training!

The worst part of my day yesterday was right at the end of the day when I was doing the last part of the interview. I do not know what the hell I ate, or what was going on but what I can tell you was that I was right in the middle of talking and I could feel that my stomach was just not liking me. I finished up the interview and quickly tried to make my exit. You see I am not one for shitting in public bathrooms, much less in my work one – but my ass was not going to make it home. In fact I was trying to get down to the first floor but knew that wasn’t going to happen either.

So it was like that song in The Little Mermaid – poor unfortunate soul, that was what I felt for the other people that were in the bathroom. You see when other people are shitting in the public bathrooms I get uncomfortable so I try to hustle our because you know as well as I do there is only so much butt squeezing that one can do – well apparently the jackass that was in the bathroom with me felt the need to hangout. It was like she wanted to be part of the excursion. She finally left and well….You know what happened!

I came home after that embarrassing moment and my stomach was just off but I was going to dinner with Billy. We went to a new Asian place called Rice Bowl – I am not going to lie I really didn’t care for the place. I could have gotten something better at Happy Dragon which is like a fast food Chinese place. But its really not about the food, I had a wonderful evening chatting it up with my boy.

Once I got home I called it a night fairly early because my stomach was still off – not sure if I ate something bad or am fighting something off. Either way we will get through it!

Today was another good day – had my bi weekly meeting with Miechelle and I think that she likes the information that I am providing her. I think that we really may be getting somewhere on missed tutor moneies! Who knows though it could just be a lot of work for nothing! I love the professional development though that I get every time that I talk with her. She always provides awesome insight and very teachable moments!

I had all of 15 minutes to let the girls out, change my clothes and head out the door to clinic. I do love doing it but when my meetings go late it is a struggle to get there by 6. We didn’t see any crazy people tonight but we did see quite a few people! We went to get Mexican at El Vaquero after and it was delish – but as you know I could eat that shit every day!

Ok well I am watching a little of the World Series – and I honestly might have to cave on the heat because Halie just came up and put her nose on me and well…..not only was it cold but the chain that is around her neck is too! Damn dogs seriously!!!

I hope that you have had a great HUMP DAY!!! Thankfully it is almost the weekend!


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