Blessed Weekend

I don’t want to bore you with all of the things that I did this weekend, but ok maybe I will do a little sharing! Mom and Dad’s visit was nice, they were only here for about 18 hours so we really didn’t get to do much but I was able to tell them what my plan for Thanksgiving weekend was. I will share that and the menus as we get closer – I have to tell you though for those of you that chat it up with Pat don’t tell her the menu’s I do not want them buying or brining any shit with them! She will be lucky if I let her in the kitchen!

Friday morning we went to Kolache and Kitties! I really do love the girls at Kitties – I haven’t been there in well over a month but they remembered my name which was creepy and awesome all in the same. I actually looked at my mom and was like um did you say my name while we were in there? She said no so we were both surprised!

Friday night I honestly was so damn tired that I fell asleep on the couch at 6. Now for those of you that know me you know that I would have to pretty much be exhausted to do this because I don’t nap. I was asleep for 2 hours and then got up ate some leftovers for dinner and called it a night. By 9:30 I had turned into a pumpkin and went to bed – I slept for a few more hours then woke up watched a little tv, and finally fell back asleep. It was a long tiring week!

Saturday morning I got up – made some breakfast and took the girls to the Howl-o-ween party at PetSmart! It was nice, they came in 4th place – I was pissed! The dog that won was some big ass white dog that the owner spray painted to look like a zebra! Then she dressed her own crazy ass like a zebra! I was like what the hell if I knew we were going to be judged for our costumes I would have found tights and a cape! Hunt actually behaved but Halie was a damn nightmare! I am beginning to think that she is just getting old and bitchey! She begs for food, whines at other dogs and then wants to eat the little dogs that come around her! She may not be allowed out much if this behavior continues!

I came home and started working on my gingerbread pumpkin trifle that needed to set overnight and I needed for my dinner gathering on Sunday night! I adapted a recipe that I found online – it was supposed to be in one of those big trifle bowls but I didn’t have one so I made individual ones after talking it out with mom! This was nice they looked pretty good and according to my tastetester -they were delish!

My friend Coco arrived around noon, we made the decision to head down towards campus and try and wait out the rain. We did this by walking around north market and grabbing lunch. A little after 3 we looked outside and it had stopped raining so we headed back towards campus. All of my normal lots were closed so we decided to park at a meter. It was only a 2 hour meter, so we said that if the game was good we would split the cost of the parking ticket.

Well….it would just so turn out that the game was a lot closer than we thought it was going to be. We only won by 10 and that was a nail biting 10! The little kid sitting about 5 people away from me puked which thankfully I didn’t see or smell because that would have made me call it a night even sooner! As we were walking back to the jeep I kept saying stay calm if you have a ticket there is nothing your are going to do about it at this point! Well……….low and behold……NO TICKET!!!!!!!!!! There was a 50/50 chance we were getting one and the odds worked in our favor!

We came home let the girls out, warmed up a bit and then headed out for some cajun creole for dinner! It ended up being a perfect low key day! Sunday morning we got up and went down to cheer on the runners doing the Columbus Marathon and Half Marathon. Can you believe that it was 3 years ago when Kel challenged me to do this? I couldn’t and I still get excited and choked up when I watch all of those people running!

We took the girls with us – which was not the best idea! It was about 40 degrees out there and well Hunt needs a jacket – she just too damn skinny! Hay didn’t behave again so I was serious when stating that she may not get the chance to go out in public again! We watched the runners for about 2 hours and then called it a morning. Brought the girls back home and headed out to Easton for class!

It was a good time, when we were done there we stopped in at TJ’s then came back home! Coco got on the road and I picked up the house, and eventually went to the boys so we could go to our new dinner club. We had a wonderful time with the new group and I am looking forward to getting to know them too!

On our way home I realized just how blessed I am to have such great friends. I mean we were driving home singing show tunes – haha – it doesn’t get much better than that! I had 2 trifles left from the party so I stopped at Q-tip Karens and gave her one, in exchange she gave me some jalapenos! Then I came home, got things ready for today and called it a night.

Much like I am about to do now! Today was a good day for a Monday. As you can see I did the recipe of the week tonight – the soupd was delish and will be used for lunches for the rest of the week!

Ok well I hope you had a great weekend too!


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