What are all the pictures for?

So as you can see now that I have a smart phone I can upload the pictures that I take rather quickly – which is why you all get this extra special glimpse into my life. It is a lot easier for me to post the pictures sometimes than it is for me to sit down and write – so what you can do is pretend like you are a little kid again and Choose your own Kimmie adventure based on the picture! haha!!

I will give you a quick update from the last few days, just to let you know I am sitting on a plane right now as I type this heading to Chicago for the Big Ten Directors Meeting so that is rather fun although I am exhausted! I was up around 3:45 for my flight which didn’t leave until 6:30 but seeing that I had to park the car and whatnot I knew that I should be a little early but shit I need a coffee!

Anyhow, back to the last 4 days…So Friday started off way better than Thursday! I got up and got everything ready to head into the office, stopped to grab a Starbucks and then made it in! I handed out the cookies which were the spiced carrot cake ones. Ya they were a hit – I was surprised actually that people enjoyed them because they were a little off the beaten path of what I normally make for them. I tried to tie up some loose ends of things that I didn’t get to on Thursday due to the extra meetings I had to take part in, then I headed out for a lunch meeting.

My boss was at this meeting and we were able to catch up and deal with a few things. He said that the people he met with have been impressed with my communication and that they were “Team Kim” I know that is a reference to that vampire movie thing where they had to choose people to befriend so I am guessing that if they are on my team that they like what I am doing! I just plan to keep giving them the things that they want and being the work horse for the next 7 months in hopes to create a niche for myself.

Once I left that meeting I decided that it was high time for a little pampering for myself. I went out and got my Fred Flintstone toes worked on – decided that since I have to be so business like these days that I would get a Halloween Orange put on them! After I left there I headed out to get my hair cut. This was a much needed appointment, the Medusa curls were starting to go out of control and the color….well….choose that adventure too!

Heather did a great job although it took her forever to finish almost 2.5 hours! When she was done I ran over to the boys house to watch those damn cats. Danny’s brother in law was still there and wanted to show me everything that he had done. If he wasn’t a nice guy I probably would have been pissed but you could tell he was proud of the work he had done and just wanted to share it. So….I let him.

I finally got home after 7 and was tired, but need not worry the bad week continued! As I was walking down the basement stairs I smelled something that wasn’t quite right and I said “I hope to hell one of them just has bad gas” well….bad gas it was not. Hunt apparently thought that two massive plops of shit would be a great end to my week.

I wouldn’t have even really been mad at her if she had just stayed out of the poop, but apparently when mom comes home the dancing feet come out. She was twirling around in the piles of poop step step here step step there here a pile of shit there a pile of shit I think I will play it all of it! WTF really – when I think about getting another dog in the future remind me of this day!

So instead of making my dinner I was cleaning up shit and gagging. As you can imagine the last thing I wanted to was cook so I pulled my lazy card out and ordered food from the pizza shop. It was good but I was quickly reminded of why I don’t order out often.

I went to bed and got up fairly early for a Saturday because Britt, Dana and I were going to Lynd’s Fruit Farm to pick apples, get a pumpkin from the patch and go through a corn maze! This place was about 25 minutes from my house but it is soooooo worth the drive. We got out there went through the little country store so that D and B could get their cider because they are known to run out. Then we determined which kinds of apples we wanted to pick, it was $20 for a 20lb bag. We decided to split the cost and holy shitballs did we get a lot of apples. I am pretty sure that each of us walked out of there with well over 12 huge apples each!

Once we were done being Johnny Appleseed we went over and picked out our pumpkins – this was $6 any pumpkin you can carry! See back in the day mom used to take us to do this so I learned from a pro to bring a bag! Yep brought one for me and the girls so not one had to get really dirty or leave their great pumpkin behind because they couldn’t carry it!

When we were done searching for Charlie Brown, we went over to the corn maze which was $9, and what I can tell you is that I will not be going into the corn anytime soon unless there is a well defined path and James Earl Jones is talking me through how to get to the baseball field on the other side. Dana and I were about as efficient in this damn thing as a toddler would have been, thank god for Britt as I am pretty sure I would have still be stuck out there. Once we finally made our way to safety we went back to the little store grabbed a few goodies and headed back home. It was a great way to start the fall!

I ended up making my grocery list and then heading off to the store, the football game wasn’t starting until 8 so I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself! So I decided to make some chili for the boys return, and for Dana who is watching the girls today and tomorrow, then I made the baked chimichangas – again not going to lie these were so damn easy that they could be addicting! I ate those while watching the game. For those of you who do not follow my kids it was a close one and I am just thankful that we pulled it out in the end because this week would have been hell if they had lost!

Sunday was another full day! I got up went over to the boys house and put all of the finishing touches on things before their return. I played with the cats for a hot second. Then I smacked one of the new kittens because the little fucker got out the front door. She thought she was the stealth one – little did she know that I was a Mexican ninja in my previous life. I snagged that little shit and literally threw her back in the house. I told Billy that if she were mine she would be on punishment for the rest of the weekend. His response was that he needed to teach me how to shut the door properly – typical parent blame the other person not the kid! lol

After that debacle – I went to get my coffee and to class. It was good got a good pound cake like recipe but nothing to write home about. I did however get my first christmas shopping of the year completed! Yep I am on this shit!! I then ran and got a few things at the super Walmart some of those things were for Thanksgiving yep knocking out two holidays in less than an hour.

I ran home after that dropped things off and then met D for a movie. We went and saw prisoners – it was a really good movie and I will leave it at that because if I say anymore it will ruin it for anyone that even thinks they may watch it. After the movie I made my final pit stop of the day – Target! I literally was running in for 1 thing and thanks to the monsoon that was occurring I was forced to stay inside and walk around therefore finding all kinds of shit that I didn’t need.

I did however find all of my Halloween candy so that task is now complete as well. Look at that in 6 hours I shopped for 3 different holidays! I was pretty confident in my rockstar abilities! The day finally came to an end and I got up yesterday morning ready to tackle the world.

Well by the end of the day I felt like I had been tackled. Things didn’t really go according to plan and I think I read into something a little too much and just need to relax a bit. I did however make the crockpot apple pie for the staff meeting and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I had to deliver a tough message yesterday to someone in the office and it went ok but I still felt bad having to do it. Part of management I know but at times shit like that sucks! Especially when its work related but also could seem like a personal attack.

I finally got home last night around 7, made some dinner and started packing. The thing that sucks for the next two weeks is that they are paving my street so I have to find alternative parking. Which means in the back of my house and seeing that the lock on the fence is on the inside I have to walk all the way around the house. This doesn’t bother me because I am lazy, it bothers me because I have to walk through the high wet grass and park in the back where I can’t see jeepy!

3:45 came awfully early today and I am now on my second flight from Detroit to Chicago. The Detroit airport is very large, and I didn’t even have enough time in between flights to eat my pumpkin bread. I ate it once I got on the plane! Ok well I have to put this away now so stay tuned for updates from the Big Ten Directors meeting – this is what I will be attending this afternoon and tomorrow morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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