Terrible Thursday – or just a not what you thought it would be Thursday

So as you can see from the pictures, today really didn’t go according to plan. My alarm went off and I really didn’t want to get up and moving but I did. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to take the girls for our normal 4 miles because I had to get the cookies prepped but I did get them out for almost a full 2. Once we got back home I started working on the cookies, this weeks Fun Friday Cookie is a spiced carrot cake – not sure how the office is going to like these mainly because there is real carrots in it but who knows right!

The recipe stated that the dough had to refrigerate for at least 3 hours so I knocked those bitches out and then jumped in the shower. My football staff has been working super hard so I had promised them earlier in the week that if they did their shit that I would bring them a Kolache for breakfast before our big Thursday meeting. Well they always work hard so they were getting one either way. I left the house, only to get about a half mile away and remembered that I had not unlocked the gate for the pooper scooper person – so I had to turn back around.

I came home unlocked the gate and headed to Kolache. I parked on High Street – went in and talked to the boys asked them a few questions about some of the lunch Kolaches and then went back out to the jeep. I started jeepy up, waited for some traffic to pass and then started to get out into my lane and then it happened BAM CRUNCH CRACKLE SNAP POP whatever freakin word you want to use here feel free. FUCK was the one that I was thinking! I pulled back to the curb and got out of the jeep – at this point it was about 7:55.

All of the sudden there was this blue Honda accord that I never saw smashed pulling in front of me. A girl about 25 got out of the car and said what happened – um I am not sure but pretty sure that you hit me. She called the cops and I got on the phone to let Dana know I was in an accident and that I would be running late. Then I called the insurance company, took a bunch of pictures and waited for the cops to arrive.

When the officers arrived they started taking down statements, collecting information and so on and so forth. I have been driving since I was 17 and to be perfectly honest this I think has been my first accident where police were called and reports were made. I told the officer what happened he said that it was what he considers No Fault and bad timing! Great so instead of getting a flat tire on the corners of bad and worse street this time I got into an accident on the corner of nofault and bad timing! lol

Seeing that there wasn’t any real damage to my car the officer gave me the police report number and told me to go on my way. I made it into work on time for my meeting. Which as you all know is the most stressful meeting that we have every week. Today was no different and to be perfectly honest was one that will go down in the books for being volitle. As always I can’t say much about the meeting because of the nature of it but lets put it this way – all of this shit that I am going through at this point is preparing me for something. I am not sure what the hell it is yet but we will get there.

Speaking of preparing me for things I had another great professional development meeting with Miechelle yesterday – she is a very awesome person to talk to and gives some great advice. I am really looking forward to the meetings that I have with her. She told me yesterday that I was doing a great job and that she liked all of the numbers and things that I was giving her.

Its funny as I have a business degree, yet I really haven’t needed to use it….well that is until now! I have had to dust that part of my brain off and let me tell you its been a lot of pledge! After our football meeting, I had another 2 meetings, then went over to my office for literally 4 minutes (not a typical Kimmie exaggeration) then ran to another meeting with the vice provost. He was in rare form and very excited to show me pictures of his granddog! Yes you read that correctly he was excited to be dog sitting for his son! This was so funny to me it wasn’t all business! I am breaking through!

Now don’t get me wrong the next 45 minutes were spent on business but it was a great meeting. I left there and then headed straight back over to the Fawcett. I was there until a little after 4 and then I headed out. The girls needed food so I had to make the trip to the petstore. I am still debating what to make them for Halloween, right now they could be Bert and Ernie but I don’t know!

I finally got home, went out and mowed the lawn, made the cookies, started laundry and then got dinner going. I was rather impressed with myself as I honestly wanted to crawl in a hole after the day I had and just swing into McDonalds but I refrained and came home to make dinner.

I have cleaned up my mess and now I am just waiting to hear the buzzer from the dryer so I can run downstairs and grab the clothes out of it put them away and call it a night! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone. Feeling like crap I didn’t think the weekend would ever get here and now! well…..now I need to slow it back down. This weekend though I have lots planned again – but next weekend pretty sure I am going to come home on Friday night and not put a bra back on until Sunday morning!

Have a great Friday!


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