Not Feeling Spectacular

Well I still have a doozy of a cold, not sure if it is going to settle in my head or chest but either way I sound like James Earl Jones and look like the last time I slept was 1992. HOT MESS!!! I did get up early this morning and took the girls out for our 4 mile walk. Today started our Hit the Road with the Buckeyes Challenge. This year I am on a team with the athletic trainers so this is going to push me to do a little bit more!

This morning I decided that since we are starting a few new traditions for the holidays I would start another new one and signed mom and I up for The Turkey Trot. We will be walking a 2.5 mile course at 9am on Thanksgiving morning! I didn’t ask her if she wanted to – I just signed us up! We had had a few chats about actually having Thanksgiving as a dinner instead of a lunch and both mom and dad agreed so I thought lets DVR the MACYS day parade and go do something fun.

I sent mom a text telling her that she was all signed up and to my surprise she was very excited about our new tradition!! Now I am not sure if Big Bern will come down with us or I will leave him here to get breakfast started! I guess that only time will tell. I have a few other great ideas for what we can do to start our new traditions but we are only in the beginning of October so I will have to slowly introduce them or I will get too excited!

When the day was over I came home and made my favorite dinner – do you all remember what that is???? A big ole Mexican Chicken Salad! It was delish and I will be having it again tomorrow for lunch! Ok well its almost time for bed – I will be getting up again tomorrow morning and taking the girls for a walk because I am not letting my new team down!

I hope you all had a great Monday!


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