Leadership Lessons from Last Week

Well the last time I wrote was Thursday evening and I was exhausted! In fact I still feel pretty tired but I have been sleeping – its just that I am not sure how great the sleep is. Thursday was just one of those days where I think about all of the things I have learned and how different life is now. I used to manage a bunch of kids and that was something that was always fun and exciting. Albeit stressful too in its own way but the kids were typically innocent and when they did something stupid I could chalk it up to them not knowing.

What I am learning about being in this position is that it really isn’t about what you know it is about how to manage people, their expectations and their demands. This can provide quite a headache if you are not in the right place for it.

I hope to never lose however the close connection that I have with people on the staff. I hope that as leadership roles and responsibilities change that my front office associates still feel like they can come in and eat lunch in my office because they don’t have a place to eat, I still hope that my assistant learning specialist want to go to lunch with me and that my interns feel comfortable enough to find Tatoheads food truck and make sure that we all go for the crazy good fries. I never want to lose that as for me I didn’t go into an occupation that pays shit to deal with people to never be around people.

Thursday was one of those days where I spent the majority of my time putting out fires and trying to get the most out of certain people. I have one individual on staff who god love her but she gets overwhelmed very easily and when that happens she struggles to set a plan and often times retreats into a black hole where nothing gets accomplished.

I feel like the best thing that happened was that she came into my office for our weekly meeting and I could tell by looking at her that something just wasn’t right. When I asked she told me that she was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. Why would you ask that I feel like this was the best thing? Well because to me this means that she didn’t fear telling me that she was overwhelmed with something and in the past I think that she wouldn’t have told David this – so I found this to be a win.

I asked her why she was overwhelmed – she told me and from there we devised a plan – I told her we were not going to meet and that she was to leave my office and set this plan into action. I told her to get a few things done and that I would help her to complete the tasks. Around 1:30 she sent me an email that said she was ready for me to help with the plan we set forth and that by 4 she would have everything we talked about completed. Now I don’t think of myself as a task master, but I do know that I can fit a lot into a day as long as I have a plan in place.

Sometimes I don’t think that my plans are the best and often times why the hell I try to shove so much shit into the time but for me getting things done often leads to being able to sleep a little better. I completed the meetings that I had for the day and had the leadership team meet me at El Vaquero for our meeting. I changed the start time from 3:30 to 4 so that we could complete the day there. This seemed to work – we still got a lot of work done, the chips and salsa were free, we each had a beverage of our choice and Vicki and myself ordered dinner to go! It was a nice break from our typical meetings in the “board room”.

When I got home I quickly mowed the backyard and then picked up the house a little bit because Megan (one of my people) was coming over to have her new puppy Marlo the 10 week old Great Dane meet Halie and Huntlie. I told her she could borrow the baby gates that I used for Hunt last year, and then also offered for her to drop Marlo off on study table nights as I know how hard that can be with a puppy.

He was pretty cute but naughty as hell – I hope that he likes being outside because when he comes to visit he and Hunt will be chumming it up outside because the next time he is here I am sure that he will weigh more than both of the girls. As it is he is already 25 pounds and growing daily.

Friday was another day filled with meetings – they started at 9 – I got back to the office around 11:30 was in the office for about 2 hours, then left for the final meeting of the week. On Thursday night David sent me a text that said he talked to Miechelle (the senior women’s administrator) and that she gave me some kudos so to keep up the good work! This was pretty cool because my last meeting on Friday was with Miechelle. Its always nice to know that you are on the right track when meeting with someone.

I got into Miechelles office and we started chatting about resumes as she was looking some over, then we got to the business of the day. While we were doing that I was getting a text message from Chalisa about one of the basketball girls and that she just got a dog – knowing that Miechelle would also find this funny I shared that with her. We then got on the topic of animals and I found out that she has 2 cats, and a lot of bird feeders!

This was great as we were able to talk about the dogs, her cats and just get a little more personal. I had taken her in some of the fun friday cookies as well so she was excited about those too. In addition to talking business we also talked about some professional development opportunities for myself and just how she handles certain situations. This was AMAZING – she is a female leader who deals with male coaches that make millions of dollars. I mean seriously to be able to listen to the stories that she has was well just awesome.

She said that in doing her job as a sport ad one of the hardest things to do is manage egos. Which is what I was talking about with managing personalities. So we talked about that for a little bit and then completed our work of the day, before I knew it I had been in her office for well over an hour and a half. Now I am sure that she had other things to do on a Friday afternoon but she never acted like I was bothering her or that she had somewhere else to be. I am pretty sure that I walked out of there on cloud 9!

The rest of the night was well totally uneventful! I did absolutely nothing except have dinner and watch television. I am pretty sure that I was in bed by 10 – we were up at 6:30 Saturday morning though because god forbid the dingleberries realize it was the weekend! Eventually I rolled my fat ass out of bed and came downstairs. I went to Kolache for breakfast and grabbed a pumpkin spice latte from Einsteins! All was good with the world!

I watched college football all day Saturday and never really did much of anything besides create my menu for the week. Dana stopped over because she wanted to see the girls and she stayed for about an hour. We did try to do a video conference with Kel, Justin, Mom and Dad but we couldn’t get moms iPad to work so I will hopefully fix that when they come down here this weekend.

Today has been a hectic but good day. I got up early and made cookies for one of my friends in the WS classes. Turns out though that she couldn’t make it so I now have 2 extra dozen cookies – not sure what I am going to do with them yet but I am sure I will find something. Then I made myself breakfast as you can see from the pictures. Then I showered and headed out to Starbucks, but my favorite barista wasn’t there. I gave them some cookies and then headed to class – the only reason I was going to class today was to get my knife sharpened! Well that was a bust too because Shannon wasn’t there and he is the one that sharpens knives.

Seeing that he wasn’t going to be in until Tuesday I wasn’t leaving my knife there that long I got shit to do! I stuck around class even though I could have taught it better (yes I am being a little shitty about that) and then went to get some candles. I am on an austerity budget but I had a coupon and those bitches were 2 for 22 which means with my coupon I got 3 for 22! I got two of my new favorite scent sweater weather and one of the farm stand apple! Sweater weather will be in the front room and bathroom while the apple will be in the kitchen. If you haven’t smelled either of these get your ass to bath and body and waft them into your nose! You won’t be disappointed!

I then traveled over to TJ’s to get my weekly finds, then to the international market to get my veggies, then to Kroger to get brats for Big Bern and yogurt for breakfast! All in all the trips were decent and I made it spending only 55$! All the food that I am going to need for the week, and the stuff that I need to make things for not only my guests but also for the dinner that I had to go to tonight!

Once I got home and unloaded the car, I got right to work making the broccoli soup for the dinner group. I had signed up to bring an appetizer but didn’t really know what I wanted to do and seeing that we were going to Norms I knew that we were going to need a little extra food. He is prolly the weakest one in the group when it comes to putting dinners together. So I made broccoli soup and this new crazy ass good dip that I will so be taking to pretty much everything from now on!

I made this dip that was Jalapeño cilantro and well it was a freakin crowd pleaser – as was the soup. Yep that makes me happy, and as predicted dinner was well….lack luster to be nice. Best part was my soup, and the Brussels sprouts that one of the other boys made. The desserts were ok too but nothing to write home about!

This week shouldn’t be too bad I am not overly busy until Wednesday after work that is. The week should be about the same as all of the others have been. Wednesday night though we have the birthday club dinner, Thursday night my friend Katie is coming over for dinner (YEAH), and then Friday Pat and Bernie arrive! Should be a great week!

Ok well I am going to find more recipes on Pinterest! I hope that you have all had a great weekend!


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