What do you want?

I had another professional development conversation on Friday with one of my staffers. I really hope that this is a part of my job that I never lose. I love dealing with people and trying to figure out how to help them get to the place that they want to be.

Not that my road was what I thought it was going to be, if you had asked me 8 years ago if this is where I thought I was going to be I would have told you that you were on crack. I mean seriously I was a tenured teacher, with a vested retirement plan, and on track to pretty much die at Nottingham high school.

Then life happened and somethings went down that well…I needed to quite frankly get away from. So I started applying for jobs all over the country, found this one and packed up all my shit and moved away from everything that I had ever known as home.

7 years later I have been promoted 4 times and am now in charge of the student athlete services office at the largest athletic institution in the country. HMMMMMMM look at what happens when we take a chance, have a great support system and the balls to work your ass off!

Well thats pretty much the conversation that I had with one of my staffers. If it is something that you want to do than do it because what the hell do you have to lose at this point in your life???

She walked away saying thanks Kim – great conversation! hahaha! She cracks me up! Not sure what she is going to do but hopefully I at least gave her something to think about!


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