Ticket Give a-way

So as you can see from one of the pictures I posted we were given the free tickets again this year to give to anyone that we would like. Normally they are up in the C deck but you see being in the shoe is what matters not where you sit. Well that is at least what other fans will tell you.

I usually ask all of my friends first before giving the tickets to randoms so that is what I did this time around. Well since it was already Wednesday when they gave them too us many of my peeps already had plans. So I sent a message to someone I knew in high school, she had told me awhile ago that her brother in law lived here in Ohio somewhere.

When I asked her if he might want the tickets she said she would check – within minutes she got back to me and said that he would love the tickets because it was her nephews 13 birthday! Sweet he was getting to go to the game for his 13 – I felt like Santa!

They came and picked the tickets up Saturday morning and they were super excited. I will probably never hear from them again but I hope that they had a good time!


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