Sunday Funday

My Sunday was exactly what I wanted it to be and then some! Again I was reminded of just how great people can be. As you all know I am a bit like rainman when it comes to my Sunday routine and when I can’t do it – it totally throws me off. Not because I can’t function but because the things that I do are for fun. Am I busy from the time I get up in the morning until I finally sit down around 5 yes, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

When I left Starbucks to head over to class one of the little old ladies (Candy) who comes regularly enough but not weekly was there and she said Kim I brought you something. I was shocked and said you did – she said yes – and pulled out this huge bag of 9 different spices.

Apparently her brother is a spice distributor and she was like he just sent me some and I thought that you would love this stuff and make good use of it so I packed it up for you. WOW really – someone that I barely know is giving me something. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS!!!! I was on cloud 9 and will be sure to make something with each and every one of the spices.

I came home and started cooking using most of the veggies that Karen brought me over. Then I saw that it was grandparents day, which made me cry a bit but then I realized that through all of my qtips gramma Keebler lives. This is her way of making me feel loved I just know it, through these lovely women who don’t have their grandkids or children around them we are connected.

As you can see from the pictures I was a cookin fool on Sunday and can’t wait to do the recipe of the week tomorrow night!


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