Shannons Visit and the First Game

As you can see from the pictures posted from the weekend it was a nice time. There were a lot of firsts this weekend for Shannon. Her first visit to Columbus without her kids, her first football game, seeing the best damn band in the land play (TBDBITL), her first time at Kolache, Kitties (the new bakeries in my hood), her first experience at the new international super market, her first time meeting the gays and qtips!

Nothing like shoving my entire life in her face in 3 days! I think that she had fun while she was here but only time will tell. I try to make sure that when people get the chance to come to town that they get to do the things that I frequently talk about. For her though this has been tough in the past because she usually has her kids with her. Always provides a bit of a road block for fun!

Anyhow, she left yesterday morning around 7 which gave me the entire day to relax and do a little bit of television watching. I am not complaining one bit about having some free time yesterday. It was nice to not have to work.

I got a few things done around the house and a little bit of cooking completed. As you can see from one of the pictures I have already completed the recipe of the week sesame crusted chicken strips! I made mine with a little bit of stir fried veggies and well…..the shit was delicious! I will so be making that again! Shit I may even do it with some fish later this week!

I will be posting the picture of Katie’s chicken fingers too as she made hers last night!!! We are adding another 2 people to the recipe club – two cute ladies from the Williams Sonoma classes asked to be added to the weekly email! Haha ok no problem ladies would love to have you join! I sent them the recipes from last week and they both already emailed me back thanking me!

Super cute!

Oh as for the football game – we won it was hot as hell and we could have played better! One does not need a degree in sports to see that! But for a first game and a young team we weren’t too bad!! Our secondary needs a little work but I have confidence that we will get there!


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