Conference Call

We had our first leadership team meeting conference call with David last week. It seemed to go pretty well, we talked for a little under an hour. He had not received any major phone calls from the powers that be so I guess that is a good thing but I am having lunch with him on Friday so I will probably get an earful of things that I should be doing better.

He had a laundry list of things that we needed to go over and as a leadership team we were able to answer all of his questions with a full answer. I wanted to go to each leadership team member and give them a hi-five for what we were able to do.

I am hoping that we will continue at this pace as things are definitely getting hectic but we will see how that all goes. He really has been trying to leave us alone which is nice for the learning experience part of things but it is also a little alarming because the decisions that are being made are ones that will ultimately have my signature on them good or bad!

The biggest things that I have to tackle are hiring new people, getting our budget to work within what we have and staying under the radar by not pissing anyone off! I am looking forward to the feedback but also slightly nervous about it!

What doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger right!?


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