Budget Discussions

Well….this was one of the topics that was talked about at the Directors meeting and to be perfectly honest I was still rather alarmed by what I was hearing. We as a university are apparently working from a 25 MILLION dollar deficit this year. This because of a few changes that were going on within the state and other funding.

My department operates on a little over a 2 million dollar budget. I have never really had to pay attention to numbers before but now in this new role I am having to monitor things like this much more closely.

Apparently almost every area within the university has been asked to cut their budget by 2.4% which has costs some departments people. I am hoping that we will not have to do anything like this but ya never know.

We are funded through athletics but that doesn’t always mean that the money is available to us as we are only of the only athletic departments in the country that supports itself and typically runs in the black not the red.

Who would have thought that my business degree was actually going to come in handy! Guess its a good thing that I pay a mortgage in student loans right! haha


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