Buckeyes Wellness Amazing Race

So on one of the hottest days of the damn year we signed up to do an amazing race like function on campus. In the middle of the damn day right before 2 long ass meetings – seriously what the hell was I thinking. Pretty sure that I wasn’t!! I couldn’t bail though because I gave my commitment to my teammates so I had to do this.

We met at 11 and headed over to the check in point. Got our first clue and headed off in the direction of the task. We were not running and we didn’t have much of a game plan – clearly we did not think this out. There were other teams that were way more into it than we were as they had matching t-shirts, headbands and then modes of transportation like bikes, scooters and cars.

We finished all 4 tasks in just over an hour and within completing the tasks we did over 3 miles of walking to accomplish them. We have already started plotting for next year and how we are going to be more successful. Anna’s suggestion was that we bring Bernie down here and he can be our driver from location to location.

We ended up coming in 26 out of 90 something teams which really wasn’t all that bad seeing that we really didn’t have a game plan.



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