No I didn’t just type a bunch of random letters in the subject line. What LLFAJA stands for is Leadership Lessons From A Jackass! I am really rather tired again tonight as I pretty much spent the entire night last night thinking about how I am going to pay for getting the jeep fixed. Not really knowing what was wrong with it and knowing that well…the extra funds that I have are limited at best – pretty much is a perfect storm for a sleepless night.

As you can see from one of the earlier pictures I also have another spotted creature back in my house. Apparently Anna’s allergies could not handle Charlie so he is back here with the girls. If he wasn’t so stinkin good and cute this would be a problem. But he was so excited to see us that well..it kinda melted my heart.

So I am friends on Facebook with one of the girls that used to teach classes at Williams Sonoma and she messaged me about him. When I found out that Anna wasn’t going to keep him I sent her a text right away. She is going to come over and get him tomorrow night – I am a little more confident that Kaeri’s house will be his forever home. But for tonight he will sleep amongst the girls!

Today was my first coaches meeting and well I am pretty sure that I sounded like a stuttering jackass. There were about 60 people in the room and I honestly was nervous so I hope that I didn’t come off too scared but I know that I did! Oh well – hopefully the feedback won’t be too bad. One of the basketball assistant coaches sat next to me at the meeting and said – nice job short and sweet just the way we like it! So if I can please them I guess that all is good right??

After the meeting I went back to the office where it took me an hour to try and find parking – yep a fucking hour. I was so pissed that I could have spit nickels!! I mean seriously I pay almost $70 a month and can’t find a damn spot close to my building??? They just changed our parking people and these asshole are going to get a piece of my mind if this shit doesn’t get any better.

LLFAJ today – you can’t please everyone! So I pissed off someone this afternoon because I didn’t tell her who her kids mentors were. Well I am sorry there were a few other things on my plate and if you were that concerned your ass could have walked across the hall and just asked. The way that she approached me on it was so unprofessional – but this is the same individual who did it a few years ago. What I wanted to say to her is – really if David did something like this is that the way you would have approached him. But I decided to take the high ground – say you are right I dropped the ball – then I wanted to finish it with now get the f out of my office but I didn’t. Oh well such is life!

So as I was sitting in the leadership team meeting the phone went off and it was the automotive place. He was calling with the damage, and you know when he starts off with well…its a little more than I thought it was going to be – totally puts ya in the wrong mind set. Needless to say the clutch was completely gone on jeepy and well its going to cost me $925. I tried to tell him that I was an excellent baker and if he could bring it down to $850 that I would make him lots of cookies.

This was greeted by a friendly “nice try” laugh – guess he didn’t think I was serious! Jeepy should be done some time either tomorrow or Wednesday so I should have her back then.

OK well with that I think that it is time to head to bed! Gotta let the pups out one more time and give Hay her meds then calling it a night! I hope you all had a decent Monday!


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