Rough Afternoon

Well last night was a success as you can see from the pictures. Charlie snuggled right in with the girls and made himself at home. As one of my friends joked – he has updated his facebook status to in a relationship with the Doran Girls! lol! He went right into the bedroom and laid on the dog bed for the entire night. I got up around 2 to use the bathroom, he followed me in there and plopped down on the bath mat. I was worried that he was going to think it was time to play but he walked back in the room with me and went right back to bed.

He really is a sweet puppy! This morning went pretty well, I put them all outside together and they had the chance to play for a bit before I went into the office. I stopped this morning to get biscuits and jam for the office. We ended up ordering 18 of those little bitches and well…they were delicious. Two people still owe me the $3 for them but they are the two individuals that I know will worry that they haven’t paid me back yet so I am not worried about getting it back.

I came in and did the biscuit delivery for everyone scarfed mine down and then headed off to my first meeting with Dr. Carlson who is the vice provost of under graduate education. I made sure to snag a biscuit for both Dr. Carlson and his office manager. I figured that this would start things off on a good note.

It was a very interesting meeting, as I had a list of things that I wanted bring him up to speed with and then he had a few questions for me. I was happy to feel like I had done a good job in preparing for the meeting. I am now at the table getting information and being asked for information that I have not been privy to before. I do not know how much to share with others and how much to sit on myself. I guess that this is what being upper level management is like.

I had a few more meetings today two that were individual meetings with staffers and 1 that was with our human resources and accounting people. That was also a very interesting meeting, trying to understand the monies that are associated with things line by line well…I wish I had paid better attention in that accounting class.

My last meeting of the afternoon though was one that I was a little bothered by and have kinda been festering over it all night long. I don’t know whether to take the words that were said personally or to just let it go. One of my staffers said that people don’t bring things to me because they are afraid I will get angry. This was in reference to the program that I have developed, but I know that I have mentioned several times that if they have a better idea that they just need to bring it to me and we can chat about it.

I have tried to be a good leader and think about how to make programming better so I don’t want to take this to heart because as I told him if you don’t have the balls to say something then you don’t actually want the change bad enough. Oh well I guess that this is one of those situations where you realize people will lie to your face to get the shit they want and that you can’t take anything personally.

Oh well…I guess after 2 weeks this was just another thing to put in the books for my management bullshit! I am going to post this weekend about my leadership lessons and what has gone on with meetings and what not over the last week or so.

When I got home tonight I made up a little dinner and put the pups outside for the night. Then I made the Fun Friday Cookie which is a cinnamon chip sugar cookie. I hope that everyone likes it!

Ok well I need to post some pictures on here and then head to bed! TGIF


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