Is it Friday Yet?

I am pretty tired right now, but I think that it is a good tired. I don’t know anymore – lol So lets give a little update from yesterday. I think that I told you that I would have stories about little mister Charlie today – well change in plans!! Don’t worry he wasn’t claimed – Danny called me this morning before I left for work and said that he was going to neuter Charlie. Poor little guy lost his man parts this morning! I bet that is not what he thought was going to happen when he got up! haha!

Danny said that he thinks he is about 6 or 7 months old and a really good dog. He said that he has a good temper and was fine in the crate. He did however say that he hated the cone that he put on his head and barked and whined all day! Poor little guy – anyhow, I will be picking him up in the morning before work and bringing him back home. I think that Anna is going to come over tomorrow night and check him out. If it doesn’t work with her than another friend of mine is thinking about taking him too! We will see but he will have a forever home soon! I am excited to see him play with the girls tomorrow although they probably won’t be able to do much because he is still on the mend.

I will post a few more of the pictures from the car ride yesterday in a little while. Seriously I have a problem what do I think I am the damn dog whisperer? So here is what happened yesterday morning….I was on my way into the office and I could see this guy walking his dog on a leash and another dog following behind him. Honestly in my neighborhood this is not unusual as there is not a leash law here in Columbus so dogs can roam free.

I thought that maybe his 1 dog was a pain in the ass and that was why it was on the leash. However, I saw the other dog criss crossing in the road therefore I slowed way down as I would be crushed if I smushed a dog (now if it was a cat – well…..) As I approached the guy says to me ‘you want a dog” I laughed and said na I have two – is it yours? He said nope he has been following me for 5 blocks. Well shit I don’t want this cute little thing to get hit so I said well do you think that he will get in the car? He said maybe – so I grabbed the leash I have in the car and said come here buddy, and my love affair with Charlie began.

I put him in the front seat of the jeep and he just balled himself up on the seat it was basically like he was saying phew someone saved me I can take a nap now! He fell sound asleep on the short 2 mile ride to Danny’s vet clinic. Once I arrived there Dan was like seriously Kimmie WTF did you find. I blame my pet heart on him making me work the damn vaccination clinics – I was even able to tell that Charlie didn’t have fleas, was about 7 months old and for the most part a good dog.

I left Charlie there and went into the office. I knew that I was going to put pictures of the little guy on Facebook with the hope that someone would want to take him. I also knew that I was going to probably foster him until I could find him a suitable home. If need be I would take him back to Pets without Parents because I felt like they did a good job with giving me Hunt! I had a few bites immediately and well…like I said earlier hopefully he will not be at this house very long!

Today was a hectic day we had our student athlete orientation today in two different sessions. 400+ kids in the morning session and then 300+ in the afternoon. We have over 1000 student athletes but the fall sports did not need to be in attendance today. It went pretty well but it forced me to be out of the office all day long which I am not really used to. I had a meeting with our lead football counselor today and well that will be a leadership lesson that I will write about tomorrow. I will keep most of that shit to tomorrows post as I am sure that I will have more to talk about after the first day of classes.

At the end of the day I headed up to Tucci’s restaurant which was in Dublin. I won (yes I won) another one of those free tasting dinners at this place. So once I figured out that I won it I called Duane to see if he would like to join me as today was his birthday! He said sure and we met out there at 6! The menu was really good – however, if you were someone who wasn’t really daring or didn’t like seafood you kinda would have been F’d! But you all know me by this point and well….anything seafood and free give to me!!!

I posted the pictures of the tastings and the menu so read those bitches over and be jealous because the shit was good! Its a bit of a hike from here so I am not sure that I would rush back but if they had a good happy hour or someone asked me to go out there I totally would.

OK well I am going to add some pictures and then head to bed! First day of classes tomorrow so I need to figure out what the hell I am wearing to work and then hit the sack! ITS HUMP DAY!!!!!!


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